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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Branch point twist field form factors in the sine-Gordon model II: Composite twist fields and symmetry resolved entanglement 1-gen-2022 David HorvathPasquale Calabrese +
Conformal field theory for inhomogeneous one-dimensional quantum systems: the example of non-interacting Fermi gases 1-gen-2017 Calabrese, Pasquale +
Dissipative cooling induced by pulse perturbations 1-gen-2022 ANDREA NAVAMichele Fabrizio
Dynamics of the order parameter statistics in the long range Ising model 1-gen-2022 Ranabhat N.Collura M.
Emergence of curved light-cones in a class of inhomogeneous Luttinger liquids 1-gen-2017 Calabrese, Pasquale +
Entanglement dynamics after quantum quenches in generic integrable systems 1-gen-2018 Alba, VincenzoCalabrese, Pasquale
Entanglement spreading and quasiparticle picture beyond the pair structure 1-gen-2020 Bastianello, AlviseCollura, Mario
Exact out-of-equilibrium steady states in the semiclassical limit of the interacting Bose gas 1-gen-2020 Del Vecchio Del Vecchio G.Bastianello A.De Luca A.Mussardo G.
Full counting statistics in the transverse field Ising chain 1-gen-2018 Calabrese, Pasquale +
Living on the walls of super-QCD 1-gen-2019 Bashmakov, VladimirBenini, FrancescoBenvenuti, SergioBertolini, Matteo
Probing non-thermal density fluctuations in the one-dimensional Bose gas 1-gen-2017 Gambassi, Andrea +
Quantum echo dynamics in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model 1-gen-2020 Silva, Alessandro +
Quantum quenches to the attractive one-dimensional Bose gas: exact results 1-gen-2016 Piroli, LorenzoESSLER, Fabian Helmut LeonhaCalabrese, Pasquale
Quenches in initially coupled Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquids: a conformal field theory approach 1-gen-2021 Paola RuggieroPasquale CalabreseLaura FoiniThierry Giamarchi
Relaxation of the order-parameter statistics in the Ising quantum chain 1-gen-2019 Collura, Mario
Spreading of entanglement and correlations after a quench with intertwined quasiparticles 1-gen-2018 Bastianello, AlviseCalabrese, Pasquale
Symmetry decomposition of negativity of massless free fermions 1-gen-2021 Sara MurcianoRiccarda BonsignoriPasquale Calabrese
Symmetry resolved entanglement in gapped integrable systems: a corner transfer matrix approach 1-gen-2020 Murciano, SaraDi Giulio, GiuseppeCalabrese, Pasquale
Symmetry-resolved dynamical purification in synthetic quantum matter 1-gen-2022 Vitale, V.Calabrese, P.Dalmonte, M. +
Twisted and untwisted negativity spectrum of free fermions 1-gen-2019 Ruggiero, PaolaCalabrese, Pasquale +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 20
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