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Spatial Orienting Biases in the Decimal Numeral System 1-gen-2009 Aiello, Marilena +
Neglect "Around the Clock": Dissociating Number and Spatial Neglect in Right Brain Damage 1-gen-2011 Aiello, M. +
Positive correlation in the bisection of long and short horizontal Oppel-Kundt illusory gradients: Implications for the interpretation of the "cross-over" effect in spatial neglect. 1-gen-2011 Aiello, Marilena +
No inherent left and right side in human 'mental number line': evidence from right brain damage 1-gen-2012 Aiello, M.Bueti, D. +
Small numbers in the right brain: Evidence from patients without and with spatial neglect 1-gen-2013 Aiello, M. +
Facial and Bodily Emotion Recognition in Multiple Sclerosis: The Role of Alexithymia and Other Characteristics of the Disease 1-gen-2014 Cecchetto, C.Aiello, M.Rumiati, R. +
Emotion Recognition in Parkinson's disease after Subthalamic Deep Brain Stimulation: Differential effects of lesion and STN stimulation 1-gen-2014 Aiello, M.De Simone, L.Rumiati, R. +
Damage to White Matter Pathways in Subacute and Chronic Spatial Neglect: A Group Study and 2 Single-Case Studies with Complete Virtual “In Vivo” Tractography Dissection 1-gen-2014 Aiello, Marilena +
Body weight and food intake in Parkinson’s disease: A review of the association to non-motor symptoms. 1-gen-2015 Aiello, M.Rumiati, R. +
Dissociation between line bisection and mental-number-line bisection in healthy adults 1-gen-2015 Aiello, M. +
You stole my food! Eating alterations in frontotemporal dementia 1-gen-2016 Aiello, MarilenaRumiati, Raffaella +
Weight gain after STN-DBS: The role of reward sensitivity and impulsivity 1-gen-2017 Aiello, M.Foroni, F.Rumiati, R. +
The smell of terroir! Olfactory discrimination between wines of different grape variety and different terroir 1-gen-2017 Foroni, F.Vignando, M.Aiello, M.Parma, V.Rumiati, R. +
Alexithymia and emotional reactions to odors 1-gen-2017 Cecchetto, CinziaRumiati, RaffaellaAiello, Marilena
How brain response and eating habits modulate food energy estimation 1-gen-2018 Mengotti, P.Aiello, M.Terenzi, DamianoRumiati, R. +
Episodic memory for natural and transformed food 1-gen-2018 Aiello, M.Vignando, M.Foroni, F.Pergola, G.Rumiati, R. +
How experience modulates semantic memory for food: Evidence from elderly adults and centenarians 1-gen-2018 Vignando, MiriamAiello, MarilenaForoni, FrancescoRumiati, Raffaella +
The influence of visual and phonological features on the hemispheric processing of hierarchical Navon letters 1-gen-2018 Aiello, M. +
Body weight and its association with impulsivity in middle and old age individuals 1-gen-2018 Aiello, MarilenaAmbron, ElisabettaForoni, FrancescoRumiati, Raffaella +
Emotional reactions in moral decision-making are influenced by empathy and alexithymia 1-gen-2018 Cecchetto, CinziaKorb, SebastianRumiati, RaffaellaAiello, Marilena
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 30
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