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Attenuated Glial Reactivity on Topographically Functionalized Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene):P-Toluene Sulfonate (PEDOT:PTS) Neuroelectrodes Fabricated by Microimprint Lithography 1-gen-2018 Calaresu, IvoBallerini, Laura +
Carbon Nanotubes, Directly Grown on Supporting Surfaces, Improve Neuronal Activity in Hippocampal Neuronal Networks 1-gen-2019 Rauti R.Calaresu I.Scaini D. +
Transparent carbon nanotubes promote the outgrowth of enthorino-dentate projections in lesioned organ slice cultures 1-gen-2020 Pampaloni, Niccolò PCalaresu, IvoBallerini, LauraScaini, Denis +
Interfacing Neurons with Nanostructured Electrodes Modulates Synaptic Circuit Features 1-gen-2020 Calaresu I.Scaini D.Ballerini L. +
Optimization of organotypic cultures of mouse spleen for staining and functional assays 1-gen-2020 Panattoni G.Calaresu I.Ballerini L. +
Polystyrene Nanopillars with Inbuilt Carbon Nanotubes Enable Synaptic Modulation and Stimulation in Interfaced Neuronal Networks 1-gen-2021 Calaresu I.Rauti R.Rodriguez I.Scaini D.Ballerini L. +
New generation of nanostructured sensors and electrodes to bypass CNS lesions 15-gen-2021 Calaresu, Ivo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 7 di 7
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