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Simultaneous Extraction of Density of States Width, Carrier Mobility and Injection Barriers in Organic Semiconductors 1-gen-2017 Africa, Pasquale Claudio +
Automatic Extraction of Transport Model Parameters of an Organic Semiconductor Material 1-gen-2020 Africa, Pasquale Claudio +
Integration of activation maps of epicardial veins in computational cardiac electrophysiology 1-gen-2020 Africa, Pasquale ClaudioQuarteroni, Alfio +
Modeling cardiac muscle fibers in ventricular and atrial electrophysiology simulations 1-gen-2021 Africa, Pasquale C.Quarteroni, Alfio +
On the Use of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Monitoring and Forecasting Natural Hazards 1-gen-2021 Pasquale C. Africa +
Electromechanical modeling of human ventricles with ischemic cardiomyopathy: numerical simulations in sinus rhythm and under arrhythmia 1-gen-2021 Fedele M.Africa P. C.Dede' L.Quarteroni A. +
A cardiac electromechanical model coupled with a lumped-parameter model for closed-loop blood circulation 1-gen-2022 Africa, P. C.Fedele, M.Quarteroni, A. +
lifex: A flexible, high performance library for the numerical solution of complex finite element problems 1-gen-2022 Africa, Pasquale Claudio
Computational electrophysiology of the coronary sinus branches based on electro-anatomical mapping for the prediction of the latest activated region 1-gen-2022 Africa, Pasquale ClaudioQuarteroni, Alfio +
A geometric multiscale model for the numerical simulation of blood flow in the human left heart 1-gen-2022 Dede, LucaAfrica, Pasquale C.Quarteroni, Alfio +
Scalable recovery-based adaptation on Cartesian quadtree meshes for advection-diffusion-reaction problems 1-gen-2023 Africa, Pasquale Claudio +
lifex-ep: a robust and efficient software for cardiac electrophysiology simulations 1-gen-2023 Africa, Pasquale ClaudioDede', LucaQuarteroni, Alfio +
lifex-fiber: an open tool for myofibers generation in cardiac computational models 1-gen-2023 Africa, Pasquale Claudio +
A comprehensive and biophysically detailed computational model of the whole human heart electromechanics 1-gen-2023 Pasquale Claudio Africa +
A mathematical model that integrates cardiac electrophysiology, mechanics, and fluid dynamics: Application to the human left heart 1-gen-2023 Africa, Pasquale Claudio +
A matrix-free high-order solver for the numerical solution of cardiac electrophysiology 1-gen-2023 Africa, P. C.Dede', L.Quarteroni, A. +
lifex-cfd: an open-source computational fluid dynamics solver for cardiovascular applications 1-gen-2024 Africa, Pasquale ClaudioDede', LucaQuarteroni, Alfio +
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