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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
2+1 Quantum de Sitter Gravity 27-ott-1989 -
2d N=2 Landau-Ginzburg Models 26-ott-1990 -
The 5'UTR of the Hepatitis C virus : Structural, Functional Studies and Clinical Significance 4-nov-1996 -
Ab initio calculation of structural and electronic properties of α-Ga surfaces 29-ott-1993 Bernasconi, Marco
Ab initio molecular dynamics of water by quantum Monte Carlo 31-ott-2014 Luo, Ye
Ab initio molecular dynamics studies on HIV-1 protease 27-ott-2000 -
Ab Initio Simulation of Heat Transport in Silica Glass 25-ott-2018 Ercole, Loris
Ab initio studies of targets for pharmaceutical intervention 25-ott-2001 Sulpizi, Marialore
Ab-initio Characterization of a Novel Photocathode for Water Splitting: Bulk and Surface Properties of CuFeO2 30-set-2020 Ferri, Matteo
Ab-initio study of oxygen adsorption on selected transition metal surfaces 26-ott-2000 Cipriani, Gabriele
Ab-initio study of Si-Ge alloys and ultra-thin superlattices 1-dic-1987 -
Ab-initio study on synthesis of new materials at high pressure : transition-metal nitrides and non-molecular CO2 phases 26-ott-2007 Montoya, Javier Antonio
Aberrant transcription regulation in a subset of individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders 18-dic-2020 Spirito, Giovanni
Absorption Line Spectral Indices in Stars and Stellar Systems 31-ott-1995 -
Accelerated Black Holes and the End-Point of Hawking Evaporation in Two-Dimensional Theories of Gravity 21-ott-1996 -
Accretion Flows in Active Galaxies 8-ott-1991 -
Accretion Tori around Black Holes 22-ott-2004 -
Accuracy of rats in discriminating visual objects Is explained by the complexity of their perceptual strategy 10-nov-2017 Durdevic, Vladimir
Acoustic cues for body size: how size-related features are used and perceived 22-feb-2012 Sebastianutto, Linda
Action Functionals for the Classical N-Body Problem Reduced on the Manifold of the Total Collision Solutions. A Study of the Critical Points of the Reduced 3-Body Problem 19-giu-1997 -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 1.517
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