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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Accelerating production of cosmic microwave background maps with deflation preconditioners 16-gen-2016 Puglisi, Giuseppe
Analysis of hybrid parallelization strategies: simulation of Anderson localization and Kalman Filter for LHCb triggers 18-dic-2015 Aguilar Mena, Jimmy
AP-IO: an asynchronous I/O pipeline for CFD code ASHEE 18-dic-2020 -
Application-level energy profiling: the CO.S.IN.T case study 18-dic-2015 -
Big-Data in climate change models. A novel approach with Hadoop MapReduce 15-dic-2016 Carmona Loaiza, Juan Manuel
Calibration of the GEOtop model using evolutionary algorithms on supercomputers 25-feb-2021 -
Characterization of the “Generali” customers as a network and profiling of its communities 16-dic-2016 Ando', Alessia
Clustering strategy for selection of relevant genes in single cell transcriptomics 14-feb-2020 -
Compressing medical images with minimal information loss 20-dic-2019 Barone, Federico
Computational challenges in cosmological tests of gravity 16-dic-2016 Raveri, Marco
A computational ecosystem for near real-time satellite data processing 1-gen-2016 -
Core building blocks for massively parellel multi-physics applications 18-dic-2017 Alzetta, Giovanni
Cosmic ray propagation with high dimensional finite element method 20-dic-2019 Wang, Jiaxin
Coupling of i-PI and ONETEP codes to enable large/petaScale simulations for first principles modeling of both electrons and nuclei for thousands of atoms 18-dic-2017 -
Data management tools for NFFA-EUROPE project 20-dic-2019 SALEH HASSANIN KHALIL, Ahmed Mohamed
Deep Learning for Nanoscience Scanning Electron Microscope Image Recognition 18-dic-2017 De Nobili, Cristiano
Detection of recurring behavior in banking data 25-feb-2021 -
Discrete Simulation of DDN IME® for architecture prototyping 18-dic-2017 Tolomelli, Daniele
Distributed systems for neural network models 26-ott-2018 Ciuffreda, Luca
Enhancing modularity of simulation software through modern C++ features on the example of GADGET 25-feb-2021 -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 58
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