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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Activity-dependent regulation of GABA release at immature mossy fibers-CA3 synapses: role of the Prion protein 14-dic-2012 Caiati, Maddalena Delma
Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator modulates synaptic chloride homeostasis in motoneurons of the rat spinal cored during neonatal development 1-gen-2011 Nistri, Andrea +
Distinct subtypes of group I metabotropic glutamate receptors on rat spinal neurons mediate complex facilitatory and inhibitory effects 1-gen-2003 Taccola, GiulianoNistri, Andrea +
GABAARα2 is Decreased in the Axon Initial Segment of Pyramidal Cells in Specific Areas of the Prefrontal Cortex in Autism 1-gen-2020 Falcone, Carmen +
GABAergic Mechanisms Can Redress the Tilted Balance between Excitation and Inhibition in Damaged Spinal Networks 1-gen-2021 Mohammadshirazi, AtiyehNistri, AndreaTaccola, Giuliano +
Network activity in the hippocampus during development: modulatory role of acetylcholine 30-ott-1998 -
Newborn analgesia mediated by oxytocin during delivery 1-gen-2011 Taccola, Giuliano +
Novel Chloride Dependent GABA-mediated Responses in Developing Rat Hippocampus and in Cultured Cerebellar Granule Cells 18-dic-1995 -
Protein kinase A-dependent increase in frequency of miniature GABAergic currents in rat CA3 hippocampal neurons 1-gen-1995 Cherubini, Enrico +
Refuting the challenges of the developmental shift of polarity of GABA actions: GABA more exciting than ever! 1-gen-2012 Cherubini, Enrico +
Spontaneous gaba-mediated synaptic currents in cerebellar granule cells in culture 1-gen-1995 Cherubini, Enrico +
Spontaneous recurrent network activity in organotypic rat hippocampal slices 1-gen-2005 Cherubini, Enrico +
The effect of intracellular Ca2+ on GABA-activated currents in cerebellar granule cells in culture 1-gen-1994 Cherubini, Enrico +
Trans-synaptic signaling at GABAergic connections: possible dysfunction in some forms of Autism Spectrum Disorders 14-dic-2012 Pizzarelli, Rocco
Transient rhythmic network activity in the somatosensory cortex evoked by distributed input in vitro 1-gen-2006 Giugliano, M. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 15 di 15
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