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GABA(A) and strychnine-sensitive glycine receptors modulate N-methyl-d-aspartate-evoked acetylcholine release from rat spinal motoneurons: A possible role in neuroprotection 1-gen-2008 Taccola, Giuliano +
GABA-A and strychnine-sensitive glycine receptors modulate AMPA-evoked acetylcholine release from primary cultured ventral horn neurons of rat spinal cord 1-gen-2000 Taccola, Giuliano +
GABAA and glycine strychnine-sensitive receptor modulate NMDA-evoked acetylcholine release from rat spinal motor neurons: A possible role in neuroprotection 1-gen-2002 Taccola, Giuliano +
GABAARα2 is Decreased in the Axon Initial Segment of Pyramidal Cells in Specific Areas of the Prefrontal Cortex in Autism 1-gen-2020 Falcone, Carmen +
GABAergic and glycinergic interneuron expression during spinal cord development: dynamic interplay between inhibition and excitation in the control of ventral network outputs 1-gen-2009 Ballerini, L. +
GABAergic Mechanisms Can Redress the Tilted Balance between Excitation and Inhibition in Damaged Spinal Networks 1-gen-2021 Mohammadshirazi, AtiyehNistri, AndreaTaccola, Giuliano +
GABAergic signaling as therapeutic target for autism spectrum disorders 1-gen-2014 Cellot, GiadaCherubini, Enrico
Gating in CNGA1 channels 1-gen-2010 Torre, Vincent +
The gating mechanism in cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channels 1-gen-2018 Mazzolini MonicaArcangeletti ManuelMarchesi, ArinNapolitano, Luisa Maria RosariaGrosa, DeboraMaity SouravAnselmi, ClaudioTorre Vincent
Gating of Cyclic nucleotide gated channels is also voltage dependent 1-gen-2012 Mazzolini, MonicaTorre, Vincent +
Gating of cyclic nucleotide-gated channels is voltage dependent 1-gen-2012 Marchesi, ArinMazzolini, MonicaTorre, Vincent
Gene discovery in genetically labeled single dopaminergic neurons of the retina 1-gen-2004 Gustincich, Stefano +
Gene expression analysis of the emergence of epileptiform activity after focal injection of kainic acid into mouse hippocampus 1-gen-2010 Sanges, R.Cherubini, E.Gustincich, S. +
Gene expression modulation by chalcopyrite and bornite in Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans 1-gen-2010 Reis F. C. +
Gene expression profiling and therapeutic interventions in neurodegenerative diseases: a comprehensive study on potentiality and limits 1-gen-2012 Gustincich, StefanoLegname, Giuseppe +
Gene expression profiling of brains from bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)-infected cynomolgus macaques 1-gen-2014 Barbisin, MauraVanni, SilviaLegname, Giuseppe +
Gene Expression Profiling of Prion-Infected Brains: a Novel Disease Signature for Neurodegeneration in Humans 1-gen-2016 Vanni, SilviaBarbisin, MauraModa, FabioLegname, Giuseppe +
Gene expression profiling to identify druggable targets in prion diseases 1-gen-2010 Legname, Giuseppe +
Gene networks controlling early cerebral cortex arealization 1-gen-2006 Mallamaci, A. +
A general-purpose mechanism of visual feature association in visual word identification and beyond 1-gen-2021 Viviani E.Zoccolan D.Crepaldi D. +
Mostrati risultati da 543 a 562 di 1.432
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