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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Molecular mechanisms underlying cell death in spinal networks in relation to locomotor activity after acute injury in vitro 1-gen-2011 Nistri, Andrea +
Molecular pathogenesis of prion diseases 1-gen-2012 Legname, Giuseppe +
Mono and bi-functional antibodies as therapeutics for prion diseases 1-gen-2006 Legname, Giuseppe +
Monoclonal IgMk in a patient with motor neuron disease (MND) binds GM1/GD1b and high molecular central nervous system specific glycoconjugates 1-gen-1989 Legname, Giuseppe +
More Than Smell-COVID-19 Is Associated With Severe Impairment of Smell, Taste, and Chemesthesis 1-gen-2020 Parma V.Menini A. +
Mouse synthetic prions from full-length prion protein 1-gen-2006 Legname, Giuseppe +
A Multidisciplinary Study of Neural Coding Underlying Sensory-Motor Responses in the Leech 25-ott-2002 Zoccolan, Davide Franco
Multiple mechanisms underlying rectification in retinal cyclic nucleotide-gated (CNGA1) channels 1-gen-2013 Arcangeletti, ManuelMarchesi, ArinMazzolini, MonicaTorre, Vincent
Nanobody-Assisted Crystallization of Human and Mouse Prion Proteins 1-gen-2011 Legname, Giuseppe +
Nanobody-stabilize the crystal structure of full-length human PrP 1-gen-2012 Giachin GLegname, Giuseppe +
Nanomaterial/neuronal hybrid system for functional recovery of the CNS 1-gen-2008 Giugliano, M.Ballerini, L. +
Nanoparticelle di oro rivestite con polielettroliti e loro uso come medicamento per il trattamento di malattie neurodegenerative causate da aggregati proteici 1-gen-2008 Legname, Giuseppe +
Nanostructures to Potentiate Axon Navigation and Regrowth in the Damaged Central Nervous Tissue 1-gen-2022 Usmani, SadafBallerini, Laura
Negative cross-talk between anionic GABAA and cationic P2X ionotropic receptors of rat dorsal root ganglion neurons 1-gen-2001 Nistri, Andrea +
The Neurobiology of olfaction 1-gen-2010 Menini, Anna
Neuromodulation and restoration of motor responses after severe spinal cord injury 1-gen-2022 Taccola G. +
Neuronal encoding of natural stimuli: The rat tactile system 1-gen-2006 Diamond, Mathew E. +
Neuropathy in patients with benign monoclonal gammopathy 1-gen-1989 Legname, Giuseppe +
Neuropathy in patients with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermineted significance (MGUS): incidence and immunopathogenetic studies 1-gen-1989 Legname, G. +
New insights into prion structure: exploring new methods for the generation of synthetic prions 1-gen-2009 Legname, Giuseppe
Mostrati risultati da 148 a 167 di 259
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