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The Cellular Prion Protein Is Expressed in Olfactory Sensory Neurons of Adult Mice but Does Not Affect the Early Events of the Olfactory Transduction Pathway 1-gen-2011 Menini, Anna +
Cellular prion protein: Role in excitotoxicity and in metal ions homeostasis 1-gen-2012 Gasperini, LLegname, GBenetti, F
A ceRNA circuitry involving the long noncoding RNA KLHL14-AS, PAX8, and BCL2 drives thyroid carcinogenesis 1-gen-2019 Sanges R. +
cGMP-mediated signaling via cGKI alpha is required for the guidance and connectivity of sensory axons 1-gen-2002 Heppenstall, Paul A. +
CGRP mediated enhancement of purinergic neuron/glia communication by the algogenic factor bradykinin in mouse trigeminal ganglia from wild type and R192Q Cav2.1 knock-in mice: implications for basic mechanisms of migraine pain 1-gen-2011 Nistri, Andrea +
Chalcopyrite and bornite differentially affect protein synthesis in planktonic cells of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans 1-gen-2007 Reis, F. C. +
Chandelier Cartridge Density Is Reduced in the Prefrontal Cortex in Autism 1-gen-2021 Falcone, Carmen +
A change in the conformation of prions accompanies the emergence of a new prion strain 1-gen-2002 Legname, Giuseppe +
Changes in intracellular calcium induced by NMDA in cultured rat hippocampal neurons require exogenous glycine 1-gen-1996 Cherubini, EnricoNISTRI A. +
Changes in intra¬cellular pH evoked by glutamate in isolated rat hippocampal slices 1-gen-1993 Ballerini, L. +
Characteristics of fast Na+ current of hypoglossal motoneurons in a rat brain stem slice preparation 1-gen-2001 Nistri, Andrea +
Characteristics of the electrical oscillations evoked by 4-aminopyridine on dorsal root fibers and their relation to fictive locomotor patterns in the rat spinal cord in vitro 1-gen-2005 Taccola, GiulianoNISTRI A.
Characterization of a saporin isoform with lower ribosome-inhibiting activity 1-gen-1997 Legname, Giuseppe +
Characterization of caspase-dependent and caspase-independent deaths in glioblastoma cells treated with inhibitors of the ubiquitin-proteasome system 1-gen-2009 Gustincich, Stefano +
Characterization of Embryonic Stem (ES) Neuronal Differentiation Combining Atomic Force, Confocal and DIC Microscopy Imaging 1-gen-2011 Ban, JelenaTorre, Vincent +
Characterization of four new monoclonal antibodies against the distal N-terminal region of PrP(c) 1-gen-2015 Didonna, AlessandroLegname, Giuseppe +
Characterization of prion protein function by focal neurite stimulation 1-gen-2016 Amin, L.Nguyen, Thi Anh XuanRolle, I. G.D'Este, E.Giachin, G.Tran, T. H.Legname, G. +
Characterization of the intronic portion of cadherin superfamily members, common cancer orchestrators 1-gen-2012 Sanges, Remo +
Characterization of the time course of changes of the evoked electrical activity in a model of a chemically-induced neuronal plasticity 1-gen-2009 Altafini, ClaudioTorre, Vincent +
Characterization of visual object representations in rat primary visual cortex 1-gen-2019 Annavini, EisD’Andola, MattiaZoccolan, Davide +
Mostrati risultati da 155 a 174 di 1.416
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