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Rapid Hebbian plasticity of receptive fields of rat SI barrel cortex neurones following short-term sensory deprivation of whisker inputs in vivo 1-gen-1993 Diamond, M. +
Rat locomotor spinal circuits in vitro are activated by electrical stimulation with noisy waveforms sampled from human gait 1-gen-2013 Taccola, Giuliano +
Reduced inhibitory gate in the barrel cortex of Neuroligin3R451C knock-in mice, an animal model of Autism Spectrum Disorders 1-gen-2014 Cellot, GiadaCherubini, Enrico
Role of copper binding to prion protein in prion conversion and replication 1-gen-2012 Legname, Giuseppe +
Role of Myosin II in Motility and in Force Generation of DRG Growth Cones 1-gen-2013 Torre, Vincent +
Role of Prion Protein Accumulation in Lipid Rafts During Aging 1-gen-2012 Legname, Giuseppe +
Role of the cellular form of the prion protein in central nervous system physiology 1-gen-2012 Legname, Giuseppe
SAXS analysis of PrPSc and oligomeric recombinant mouse PrP(89-230). 1-gen-2009 Legname, Giuseppe +
Serotonin induced inhibition of locomotor rhythm of the neonatal rat isolated spinal cord is mediated by the 5-HT1 receptor class 1-gen-1998 Nistri, Andrea +
Serpin inhibitors for the treatment of prion and prion-like diseases 30-apr-2018 Legname, G.Vanni, S.Carloni, P. +
Sex determination from skeleton. A new method using a DNA probe 1-gen-1989 Gustincich, Stefano +
Sex determination in forensic samples using a DNA probe 1-gen-1989 Gustincich, Stefano +
Sex identification by PCR of alpha-satellite in aged tissue samples 1-gen-1993 Gustincich, Stefano +
Should I stay or should I go: The state-dependent effects of the histaminergic receptors on the rat spinal neurons 1-gen-2010 Taccola, Giuliano +
Signal analysis of simulated experiments: in vitro synchronised activity of networks of neurons coupled to arrays of planar microelectrodes 1-gen-1997 Giugliano, M. +
Signal Transduction in Vertebrate Olfactory Cilia 1-gen-2010 Pifferi, SimoneMenini, Anna +
Signal transduction through prion protein 1-gen-2008 Legname, Giuseppe +
Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy of CNGA1 Channels In Situ 1-gen-2013 Mazzolini, MonicaTorre, Vincent +
A single point mutation, a way to prion disease? 1-gen-2013 Giachin GLegname, Giuseppe +
Slow inactivation of sodium channels contributes to short-term adaptation in vomeronasal sensory neurons 1-gen-2022 Sarno, N.Boccaccio, A.Menini, A.Pifferi, S. +
Mostrati risultati da 201 a 220 di 255
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