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Face adaptation aftereffects reveal anterior medial temporal cortex role in high level category representation 1-gen-2007 Treves, A. +
Face proprioception does not modulate access to visual awareness of emotional faces in a continuous flash suppression paradigm 1-gen-2017 Korb, SebastianOsimo, Sofia A.Suran, TizianoRumiati, Raffaella +
Facial and Bodily Emotion Recognition in Multiple Sclerosis: The Role of Alexithymia and Other Characteristics of the Disease 1-gen-2014 Cecchetto, C.Aiello, M.Rumiati, R. +
Facial responses of adult humans during the anticipation and consumption of touch and food rewards 1-gen-2020 Rumiati R +
‘Fell’ primes ‘fall’, but does ‘bell’ prime ‘ball’? Masked priming with irregularly-inflected primes 1-gen-2010 Crepaldi, Davide +
Firing Rate Distributions and Efficiency of Information Transmission of Inferior Temporal Cortex Neurons to Natural Visual Stimuli 1-gen-1999 Treves, A. +
Focus on what’s informative and ignore what’s not: Communication strategies in a referential game 1-gen-2019 Dessì, RobertoCrepaldi, Davide +
Food color is in the eye of the beholder: the role of human trichromatic vision in food evaluation 1-gen-2016 Foroni, FrancescoPergola, GiulioRumiati, Raffaella
Food in the corner and money in the cashews: Semantic activation of embedded stems in the presence or absence of a morphological structure 1-gen-2020 Solaja, OlgaCrepaldi, Davide +
Food knowledge depends upon the integrity of both sensory and functional properties: a VBM, TBSS and DTI tractography study 1-gen-2019 Vignando, MiriamAiello, MarilenaRumiati, Raffaella +
Food olfactory cues reactivity in individuals with obesity and the contribution of alexithymia 1-gen-2022 Cecchetto, CPisanu, ERumiati, R IAiello, M +
Food perception and categorization: From food/no-food to different types of food 1-gen-2017 Foroni F.Rumiati R. I.
The FoodCast research image database (FRIDa) 1-gen-2013 Foroni, FrancescoPergola, GiulioRumiati, Raffaella +
For a probabilistic and multidisciplinary approach to the investigation of morphological processing 1-gen-2019 Davide Crepaldi +
Form and Function: A Study on the Distribution of the Inflectional Endings in Italian Nouns and Adjectives 1-gen-2021 Pescuma, V. N.Zanini, C.Crepaldi, D.Franzon, F.
A form of ideational apraxia as a selective deficit of contention scheduling 1-gen-2001 Rumiati, R. I.Zanini, S.Shallice, T. +
Framing the ultimatum game: the contribution of simulation 1-gen-2013 Rumiati R. I. +
Free association transitions in models of cortical latching dynamics 1-gen-2008 Treves, A. +
Free concepts association: a neural model 1-gen-2011 Russo, EleonoraTreves, Alessandro
Frequency-based neural discrimination in fast periodic visual stimulation 1-gen-2022 De Rosa, M.Ktori, M.Bottini, R.Crepaldi, D. +
Mostrati risultati da 157 a 176 di 483
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