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Variability in Action Selection Relates to Striatal Dopamine 2/3 Receptor Availability in Humans: A PET Neuroimaging Study Using Reinforcement Learning and Active Inference Models 1-gen-2020 Mathys, Christoph +
Variational Bayesian mixed-effects inference for classification studies 1-gen-2013 Mathys, Christoph Daniel +
Visual object agnosia without prosopagnosia or alexia: Evidence for hierarchical theories of visual recognition 1-gen-1994 Rumiati, Raffaella +
Volatility Estimates Increase Choice Switching and Relate to Prefrontal Activity in Schizophrenia 1-gen-2020 Mathys C. +
We are what we eat: How food is represented in our mind/brain 1-gen-2016 Rumiati, R. I.Foroni, F.
Weaker inhibition after happy faces: evidence from an attentional blink task with emotional and neutral faces 1-gen-2022 Monachesi, Bianca +
Weight gain after STN-DBS: The role of reward sensitivity and impulsivity 1-gen-2017 Aiello, M.Foroni, F.Rumiati, R. +
What determines the capacity of autoassociative memories in the brain? 1-gen-1991 Treves, Alessandro +
What is the mammalian dentate gyrus good for? 1-gen-2008 Treves, A. +
What is the role of motor simulation in action and object recognition? Evidence from apraxia 1-gen-2007 Negri, G. A. L.Rumiati, R. +
What makes a food healthy? Sex differences in what is associated to healthiness evaluations 1-gen-2022 Foroni, F.Rumiati, R. I. +
What the brain knows about the body: Evidence for dissociable representations 1-gen-2007 Rumiati, Raffaella +
When the mask falls: The role of facial muscle resonance in memory for emotional language 1-gen-2015 Baumeister, Jenny CharlotteForoni, FrancescoRumiati, Raffaella
Where is a nose with respect to a foot? The left posterior parietal cortex processes spatial relationships among body parts 1-gen-2008 Rumiati, Raffaella +
Where numerical cognition interacts with spatial attention 1-gen-2008 Bueti, Domenica +
Why the simplest notion of neocortex as an autoassociative memory would not work 1-gen-1992 Treves, Alessandro +
Women smelling men's masked body odors show enhanced harm aversion in moral dilemmas 1-gen-2019 Cecchetto, C.Rumiati, R. I.Parma, V. +
You stole my food! Eating alterations in frontotemporal dementia 1-gen-2016 Aiello, MarilenaRumiati, Raffaella +
Mostrati risultati da 493 a 510 di 510
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