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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
The smell of terroir! Olfactory discrimination between wines of different grape variety and different terroir 1-gen-2017 Foroni, F.Vignando, M.Aiello, M.Parma, V.Rumiati, R. +
Social groups have a representation of their own: Clues from neuropsychology 1-gen-2014 Rumiati, Raffaella +
Space and time in the sighted and blind 1-gen-2015 Crepaldi, Davide +
Spatial attention, precision, and Bayesian inference: a study of saccadic response speed 1-gen-2014 Mathys, Christoph Daniel +
Spatial cognition, memory capacity and the evolution of mammalian hippocampal networks 1-gen-2009 Treves, Alessandro
The spatial information content of DG inputs 1-gen-2009 Treves, Alessandro +
Spatial Orienting Biases in the Decimal Numeral System 1-gen-2009 Aiello, Marilena +
The spatial representations acquired in CA3 by self-organizing recurrent connections. 1-gen-2013 Cerasti, ErikaTreves, Alessandro
Spatiotemporal dynamics of abstract and concrete semantic representations 1-gen-2023 Vignali, LorenzoXu, YangwenCollignon, OlivierCrepaldi, DavideBottini, Roberto +
The specious interaction of time and numerosity perception 1-gen-2021 Togoli, IreneFornaciai, MicheleBueti, Domenica
Speed Inversion in a Potts Glass Model of Cortical Dynamics 1-gen-2023 Kwang Il RyomAlessandro Treves
Speed, noise, information and the graded nature of neuronal responses 1-gen-1996 Panzeri, S.Treves, A. +
Stability of the replica-symmetric solution for the information conveyed by a neural network 1-gen-1998 Schultz, SimonTreves, Alessandro
Stable and Rapid Recurrent Processing in Realistic Autoassociative Memories 1-gen-1998 Treves, Alessandro +
Standing on the gateway to memory: shouldn't we step in? 1-gen-2002 Treves, A. +
Statistica per le scienze del comportamento 1-gen-2009 Crepaldi, Davide
A statistical investigation into the crosslinguistic distribution of mass and count nouns: Morphosyntactic and semantic perspectives 1-gen-2013 Treves, Alessandro +
Stepping out of the Chinese Room: Word meaning with and without consciousness 1-gen-2016 Bottini, RobertoNadalini, AndreaCrepaldi, Davide +
STIMA: a short screening test for ideo-motor apraxia, selective for action meaning and bodily district 1-gen-2015 Tessari, AlessiaToraldo, Francesco AlessioLunardelli, AlbertaRumiati, Raffaella +
The storage capacity of Potts models for semantic memory retrieval 1-gen-2005 Treves, A. +
Mostrati risultati da 443 a 462 di 510
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