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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Accelerating the iterative solution of convection-diffusion problems using singular value decomposition 1-gen-2019 Pitton, GiuseppeLuca Heltai
Achieving consensus on networks with antagonistic interactions 1-gen-2012 Altafini, Claudio
The action of N=4 Super Yang-Mills from a chiral primary operator 1-gen-2001 Tanzini, A. +
Activation of a muscle as a mapping of stress–strain curves 1-gen-2019 Riccobelli, D. +
Adaptation as a genome-wide autoregulatory principle in the stress response of yeast 1-gen-2011 Altafini, Claudio +
Adaptive non-hierarchical Galerkin methods for parabolic problems with application to moving mesh and virtual element methods 1-gen-2021 Cangiani A. +
An addition and a correction to my paper “Differential inequalities for evolution equations” 1-gen-2010 Vidossich, Giovanni
Adiabatic Invariants for the FPUT and Toda Chain in the Thermodynamic Limit 1-gen-2020 Grava T.Maspero A.Mazzuca G.Ponno A.
The AdS/CFT correspondence in the PP-wave limit 1-gen-2004 Tanzini, A. +
Algebraic classification of CPN instanton solutions 1-gen-1981 Reina, Cesare +
Algebraic geometry and path integrals for closed strings 1-gen-1986 Catenacci, RobertoReina, Cesare +
Algebraic renormalization of the BF Yang-Mills theory 1-gen-1997 Tanzini, A. +
Almost Euclidean Isoperimetric Inequalities in Spaces Satisfying Local Ricci Curvature Lower Bounds 1-gen-2020 Cavalletti, F. +
Almost everywhere convergence of gradients of solutions to nonlinear elliptic systems 1-gen-1998 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Analytical validation of a continuum model for epitaxial growth with elasticity on vicinal surfaces 1-gen-2014 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Anomalous behavior in an effective model of graphene with Coulomb interactions 1-gen-2010 Porta M +
Anomaly Non-renormalization in Interacting Weyl Semimetals 1-gen-2021 Porta, Marcello +
Any sub-Riemannian metric has points of smoothness 1-gen-2009 Agrachev, A.
Approximate Hermitian-Yang-Mills structures and semistability for Higgs bundles 3-mag-2012 Holguin Cardona, Sergio Andres
Approximate Hermitian-Yang-Mills structures on semistable principal Higgs bundles 1-gen-2015 Bruzzo, U. +
Mostrati risultati da 11 a 30 di 1.205
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