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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Geography of spin symplectic four-manifolds with abelian fundamental group 1-gen-2011 Torres Ruiz, Rafael
Geometric Analysis of Fractional Phase Transition Interfaces 1-gen-2013 FRANZINA, Giovanni +
Geometry and integrability of topological-antitopological fusion 1-gen-1993 Dubrovin, Boris
Geometry of Jacobi curves I 1-gen-2002 Agrachev, A. +
Geometry of Jacobi curves. II 1-gen-2002 Agrachev, A. +
Geometry of Maslov cycles 1-gen-2014 Lerario, Antonio +
Geometry of optimal control problems and Hamiltonian systems 1-gen-2008 Agrachev, Andrey
The geometry of the quantum correction for topological σ-models 1-gen-1995 Reina, Cesare +
Gerstenhaber and Batalin-Vilkovisky structures on Lagrangian intersections 1-gen-2009 FANTECHI B +
A Glimm type functional for a special Jin-Xin relaxation model 1-gen-2001 Bianchini, Stefano
Global convergence of successive approximations 1-gen-1974 Vidossich, Giovanni
A global existence result for the semigeostrophic equations in three dimensional convex domains 1-gen-2014 Ambrosio, LuigiColombo, Rinaldo MarioDe Philippis, Guido +
Global Structure of Admissible BV Solutions to Piecewise Genuinely Nonlinear, Strictly Hyperbolic Conservation Laws in One Space Dimension 1-gen-2014 Bianchini, StefanoYu, Lei
Global well-posedness of the magnetic Hartree equation with non-Strichartz external fields 1-gen-2015 Michelangeli, Alessandro
The globalization theorem for the Curvature-Dimension condition 1-gen-2021 Cavalletti, Fabio +
Globally stable quasistatic evolution in plasticity with softening 1-gen-2008 Dal Maso, GianniDe Simone, Antonio +
Gluing semi-orthogonal decompositions 1-gen-2020 Sibilla N. +
Gradient bounds for minimizers of free discontinuity problems related to cohesive zone models in fracture mechanics 1-gen-2008 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Gromov-Hausdorff convergence of discrete transportation metrics 1-gen-2013 Gigli, Nicola +
Ground state solutions of a critical problem involving cylindrical weights 1-gen-2008 Musina, R.
Mostrati risultati da 380 a 399 di 1.204
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