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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Interaction estimates and Glimm functional for general hyperbolic systems 1-gen-2003 Bianchini, Stefano
Internal symmetries of the axisymmetric gravitational fields 1-gen-1979 Reina, Cesare
The intrinsic hypoelliptic Laplacian and its heat kernel on unimodular Lie groups 1-gen-2009 Agrachev, A. +
The intrinsic normal cone 1-gen-1997 Fantechi, Barbara +
Intrinsic random walks in Riemannian and sub-Riemannian geometry via volume sampling 1-gen-2018 Agrachev, AndreyBoscain, Ugo VittorioRizzi, Luca +
Invariant Lagrange submanifolds of dissipative systems 1-gen-2010 Agrachev, Andrey
Invariant manifolds for a singular ordinary differential equation 1-gen-2011 Bianchini, S.Spinolo, L. V.
Inversion formulae for the cosh-weighted Hilbert transform 1-gen-2013 Bertola, Marco +
The Inversion of Motion of Bristle Bots: Analytical and Experimental Analysis 1-gen-2016 Cicconofri, GiancarloNoselli, GiovanniDe Simone, Antonio +
Irreducible 4-manifolds with abelian non-cyclic fundamental group of small rank 1-gen-2010 Torres Ruiz, Rafael
Isomonodromic deformation of resonant rational connections 1-gen-2005 Bertola, M. +
Isomonodromy deformations at an irregular singularity with coalescing eigenvalues 1-gen-2019 Cotti, GiordanoDubrovin, BorisGuzzetti, Davide
Isoperimetric inequalities for finite perimeter sets under lower ricci curvature bounds 1-gen-2018 Cavalletti, Fabio +
Isoperimetric inequality under Measure-Contraction property 1-gen-2019 Cavalletti, FabioSantarcangelo, Flavia
The isospectral dirac operator on the 4-dimensional orthogonal quantum sphere 1-gen-2008 Dabrowski, Ludwik +
Iterative map-making with two-level preconditioning for polarized cosmic microwave background data sets. A worked example for ground-based experiments 1-gen-2018 Puglisi, GiuseppePoletti, DavideFabbian, GiulioBaccigalupi, CarloHeltai, Luca +
Jacobi Ensemble, Hurwitz Numbers and Wilson Polynomials 1-gen-2021 Gisonni, M.Grava, T. +
Jacobi fields in optimal control: one-dimensional variations 1-gen-2020 Agrachev, A.Beschastnyi, I.
Joyce-Song wall-crossing as an asymptotic expansion 1-gen-2014 Stoppa, Jacopo
K-stability of constant scalar curvature Kahler manifolds 1-gen-2009 Stoppa, Jacopo
Mostrati risultati da 455 a 474 di 1.204
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