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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Shape Optimization by means of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Dynamic Mode Decomposition 1-gen-2018 Demo, NicolaTezzele, MarcoRozza, Gianluigi +
Shape optimization for viscous flows by reduced basis methods and free-form deformation 1-gen-2012 Manzoni, AndreaRozza, Gianluigi +
Shape optimization through proper orthogonal decomposition with interpolation and dynamic mode decomposition enhanced by active subspaces 1-gen-2019 Tezzele MarcoDemo NicolaRozza Gianluigi
Shape Programming for Narrow Ribbons of Nematic Elastomers 1-gen-2017 Agostiniani, VirginiaDe Simone, Antonio +
Shape transitions in a soft incompressible sphere with residual stresses 1-gen-2018 Riccobelli, Davide +
Sharp and rigid isoperimetric inequalities in metric-measure spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds 1-gen-2017 Cavalletti, FabioMondino, Andrea
Sharp geometric and functional inequalities in metric measure spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds 1-gen-2017 Cavalletti, FabioMondino, Andrea
Sharp Nonexistence Results for a Linear Elliptic Inequality Involving Hardy and Leray Potentials 1-gen-2011 Musina, Roberta +
Sharp stability inequalities for the Plateau problem 1-gen-2014 De Philippis, Guido +
Shock formation in the dispersionless Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation 1-gen-2016 Grava, Tamara +
A short proof of the minimality of Simons cone 1-gen-2009 De Philippis, G +
Sigma-model solitons on noncommutative spaces 1-gen-2015 Dabrowski, LudwikLandi, Giovanni +
Simple Lie Algebras and Topological ODEs 1-gen-2018 Bertola, M.Dubrovin, B.Yang, D.
A simple limit for slope instability 1-gen-2010 Stoppa, Jacopo +
A simple proof of global existence for the 1D pressureless gas dynamics equations 1-gen-2015 Cavalletti, Fabio +
Simulation-based uncertainty quantification of human arterial network hemodynamics 1-gen-2013 Rozza, Gianluigi +
Singular perturbation models in phase transitions for second order materials 1-gen-2011 Dal Maso, Gianni +
The singularity of Kontsevich's solution for QH*(CP2) 1-gen-2005 Guzzetti, Davide
Six-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories, quantum cohomology of instanton moduli spaces and gl(N) Quantum Intermediate Long Wave Hydrodynamics 1-gen-2014 Bonelli, G.Sciarappa, A.Tanzini, A.Vasko, P.
Skeleta of affine hypersurfaces 1-gen-2014 Sibilla N. +
Mostrati risultati da 989 a 1.008 di 1.203
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