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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
VIV analysis of a single elastically-mounted 2D cylinder: Parameter Identification of a single-degree-of-freedom multi-frequency model 1-gen-2018 Mola A. +
Volume geodesic distortion and Ricci curvature for Hamiltonian dynamics 1-gen-2019 Agrachev A.Barilari D.Paoli E.
Volume of small balls and sub-Riemannian curvature in 3D contact manifolds 1-gen-2020 Barilari, DavideBeschastnyi, IvanLerario, Antonio
Vortex Partition Functions, Wall Crossing and Equivariant Gromov-Witten Invariants 1-gen-2015 Bonelli, G.Sciarappa, A.Tanzini, A.Vasko, P.
W^{2,1}- regularity for solutions of the Monge-Ampere equation 1-gen-2013 De Philippis, Guido +
Warped products with special Riemannian curvature 1-gen-2001 Bertola, M. +
The wave equation on domains with cracks growing on a prescribed path: existence, uniqueness, and continuous dependence on the data 1-gen-2017 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Weak formulation of elastodynamics in domains with growing cracks 1-gen-2020 Tasso E.
Weak notions of Jacobian determinant and relaxation 1-gen-2012 De Philippis, Guido
A weighted POD-reduction approach for parametrized PDE-constrained optimal control problems with random inputs and applications to environmental sciences 1-gen-2021 Strazzullo, M.Ballarin, F.Rozza, G. +
A weighted reduced basis method for elliptic partial differential equations with random input data 1-gen-2013 Rozza, Gianluigi +
A well posedness result for generalized solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations 1-gen-2017 Zagatti, Sandro
Well-Ordered and Non-Well-Ordered Lower and Upper Solutions for Periodic Planar Systems 1-gen-2021 Klun G. +
Well-posed infinite horizon variational problems on a compact manifold 1-gen-2010 Agrachev, Andrey
Wet and dry transom stern treatment for unsteady and nonlinear potential flow model for naval hydrodynamics simulations 1-gen-2017 Mola, AndreaHeltai, LucaDe Simone, Antonio
Wetting on rough surfaces and contact angle hysteresis: numerical experiments based on a phase eld model 1-gen-2009 DeSimone, A +
Weyl and papapetrou axisymmetric space-times as geodesics of the hyperbolic complex plane 1-gen-1979 Reina, C. +
Whitham Modulation Equations and Application to Small Dispersion Asymptotics and Long Time Asymptotics of Nonlinear Dispersive Equations 1-gen-2016 Grava, Tamara
Wild quiver gauge theories 1-gen-2012 Bonelli, GiulioTanzini, Alessandro +
Yang-Mills-Higgs connections on Calabi-Yau manifolds 1-gen-2016 Bruzzo, Ugo +
Mostrati risultati da 1.180 a 1.199 di 1.203
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