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Noun-verb dissociation in aphasia: The role of imageability and functional locus of the lesion 1-gen-2006 Crepaldi, Davide +
Noun-verb dissociation in aphasia: type/token differences in the analysis of spontaneous speech 1-gen-2006 Crepaldi, D. +
Noun-verb double dissociation in aphasia: theoretical and neuroanatomical foundations 1-gen-2006 Crepaldi, Davide +
Nouns and verbs in the brain: Grammatical class and task specific effects as revealed by fMRI 1-gen-2008 Crepaldi, Davide +
Novel Approaches to Diagnosis and Therapy in Neurodegenerative Diseases 1-gen-2015 Legname, Giuseppe
A novel class of peptides with facilitating action on neuronal nicotinic receptors of rat chromaffin cells in vitro: functional and molecular dynamics studies 1-gen-2002 Nistri, Andrea +
A novel class of potential prion drugs: preliminary in vitro and in vivo data for multilayer coated gold nanoparticles 1-gen-2010 Legname, Giuseppe +
A novel expression system for production of soluble prion proteins in E.coli 1-gen-2012 GIACHIN GLegname, Giuseppe +
A novel form of long-term depression in the CA1 area of the adult rat hippocampus independent of glutamate receptors activation 1-gen-1998 Cherubini, Enrico +
Novel insights on the physiological roles of the Stomatin-like protein-3 and the Calcium-activated chloride channel TMEM16A in the mouse olfactory epithelium 21-dic-2020 Agostinelli, Emilio
Novel regulators of PrPC expression as potential therapeutic targets in prion diseases 1-gen-2020 Colini Baldeschi, A.Vanni, S.Zattoni, M.Legname, G.
Novel screening approaches for human prion diseases drug discovery 1-gen-2019 Legname G. +
De Novo assembly and transcriptome analysis of the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata early embryos 1-gen-2014 Sanges, Remo +
De novo assembly of a transcriptome from the eggs and early embryos of Astropecten aranciacus 1-gen-2017 Sanges, Remo +
De novo mammalian prion synthesis 1-gen-2009 Legname, Giuseppe +
De novo transcriptome assembly and gene expression profiling of the copepod Calanus helgolandicus feeding on the PUA-producing diatom Skeletonema marinoi 1-gen-2020 Sanges R. +
Nucleotide sequence of cDNA coding for dianthin 30, a ribosome inactivating protein from Dianthus caryophyllus 1-gen-1991 Legname, Giuseppe +
Obesity, subliminal perception and inhibition: Neuromodulation of the prefrontal cortex 1-gen-2019 Osimo, S. A.Korb, S.Aiello, M.
Object similarity affects the perceptual strategy underlying invariant visual object recognition in rats 1-gen-2015 ROSSELLI, Federica BiancaAnsuini, AlessioZoccolan, Davide Franco +
Olfaction: from odorants to the olfactory cortex 1-gen-2004 Menini, A. +
Mostrati risultati da 1.063 a 1.082 di 1.629
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