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L-homocysteic acid mediates synaptic excitation at NMDA receptors in the hippocampus 1-gen-1991 Cherubini, Enrico +
The lack of Emx2 causes impairment of Reelin signaling and defects of neuronal migration in the developing cerebral cortex 1-gen-2000 Mallamaci, A. +
Laminar comparison of somatosensory cortical plasticity 1-gen-1994 Diamond, Mathew E.Huang, Wei-Chih +
Language universals at birth 1-gen-2014 Benavides Varela, Silvia ElenaNespor, Marina AntonellaMehler, Jacques +
Large and fast human pyramidal neurons associate with intelligence 1-gen-2018 Giugliano, M. +
Latching dynamics as a basis for short-term recall 1-gen-2021 Ryom, K. I.Boboeva, V.Soldatkina, O.Treves, A.
Late Frontal Negativity Discriminates Outcomes and Intentions in Trust-Repayment Behavior 1-gen-2020 Mengotti P.Rumiati R. +
Lateral thinking, from the Hopfield model to cortical dynamics 1-gen-2012 Treves, Alessandro +
Learning about Time: Plastic Changes and Interindividual Brain Differences 1-gen-2012 Bueti, D. +
Learning hierarchically structured action sequences is unaffected by prefrontal cortex lesion 1-gen-2006 Rumiati, Raffaella +
Learning through maps: Functional significance of topographic organization in primary sensory cortex 1-gen-1999 Diamond, Mathew E. +
Learning to predict through adaptation 1-gen-2004 Treves, Alessandro
Left prefrontal cortex control of novel occurrences during recollection: a psychopharmacological study using scopolamine and event-related fMRI 1-gen-2006 Shallice, T. +
Left-right compatibility in the processing of trading verbs 1-gen-2014 Rumiati, Raffaella +
LEMS: A language for expressing complex biological models in concise and hierarchical form and its use in underpinning NeuroML 2 1-gen-2014 Piasini, E. +
Lesioning an 'attractor' network: investigations of acquired dyslexia 1-gen-1991 Shallice, Timothy +
Less than 5 Netrin-1 molecules initiate attraction but 200 Sema3A molecules are necessary for repulsion 1-gen-2012 Pinato, GiuliettaAnsuini, AlessioBan, JelenaTorre, Vincent +
Letter chunk frequency does not explain morphological masked priming: Affix frequency in masked priming In corso di stampa De Rosa, M.Crepaldi, D.
Lexical and gestural symbols in left-damaged patients 1-gen-2013 Papeo, LiubaRumiati, Raffaella
Lexical and semantic access in Letter-by-Letter Dyslexia: A case report 1-gen-2005 Crepaldi, DavideRipamonti, Enrico +
Mostrati risultati da 831 a 850 di 1.627
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