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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
All-atom simulations disentangle the functional dynamics underlying gene maturation in the intron lariat spliceosome 1-gen-2018 Casalino L.Palermo G.Magistrato A. +
All-atom simulations to studying metallodrugs/target interactions 1-gen-2021 Magistrato, A. +
All-Atom Simulations Uncover the Molecular Terms of the NKCC1 Transport Mechanism 1-gen-2021 Magistrato, A. +
All-Electron Quantum Monte Carlo with Jastrow Single Determinant Ansatz: Application to the Sodium Dimer 1-gen-2019 Nakano K.Sorella S. +
All-sky astrophysical component separation with Fast Independent Component Analysis (FASTICA) 1-gen-2002 Baccigalupi, CarloPerrotta, FrancescaDe Zotti, Gianfranco +
Allosteric Cross-Talk among Spike’s Receptor-Binding Domain Mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 South African Variant Triggers an Effective Hijacking of Human Cell Receptor 1-gen-2021 Saltalamacchia, A.Magistrato, A. +
Allosteric interaction of zinc with recombinant alfa1beta2gamma2 and alfa1beta2 GABAA receptors 1-gen-2002 Cherubini, Enrico +
Allosteric modulation of aromatase: a novel strategy for the next generation anti-cancer drugs 1-gen-2017 Magistrato, A +
ALMA Resolves the First Strongly Lensed Optical/Near-IR-dark Galaxy 1-gen-2023 Giulietti, M.Lapi, A.Massardi, M.Behiri, M.Torsello, M.Ronconi, T.Perrotta, F.Bressan, A. +
An almost elementary Higgs: theory and practice 1-gen-2018 Barducci, Daniele +
Almost-Riemannian Geometry from a Control Theoretical Viewpoint 29-ott-2010 Ghezzi, Roberta
Alpha-Agatoxin prevents inhibition of calcium transients by IgGs from ALS patients in cultured rat hippocampal neurons 1-gen-1996 Cherubini, Enrico +
Alpha-synuclein amyloid accumulation and its interaction with prion protein 16-nov-2015 Aulic, Suzana
alpha-Synuclein Amyloids Hijack Prion Protein to Gain Cell Entry, Facilitate Cell-to-Cell Spreading and Block Prion Replication 1-gen-2017 Aulić, SuzanaMasperone, LaraNarkiewicz, JoannaIsopi, ElisaBistaffa, EdoardoPastore, BeatriceDe Cecco, ElenaScaini, DenisZago, PaolaModa, FabioLegname, Giuseppe +
The alpha-synuclein RT-QuIC products generated by the olfactory mucosa of patients with parkinson’s disease and multiple system atrophy induce inflammatory responses in SH-SY5Y cells 1-gen-2022 De Luca, C. M. G.Celauro, L.Legname, G. +
Alter ego : drugs and the brain 1-gen-1996 Canali, Stefano
Alter Ego: droga e cervello 1-gen-1995 Canali, Stefano
Alterations of GABAergic signaling in Autism Spectrum Disorders 1-gen-2011 Cherubini, Enrico +
Alterations of the secretory pathway induced by a mutant p53/miR-30d axis 2-apr-2020 Fantuz, Marco
Altered Brain Hemoglobin Gene Expression in the Frontal Cortex of Patients with Alzheimer’s and Acquired Creutzfeldt-Jakob’s Disease 1-gen-2017 Vanni, SZattoni, MLegname, G. +
Mostrati risultati da 126 a 145 di 5.431
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