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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Curvature operator for loop quantum gravity 1-gen-2014 ALESCI, Emanuele +
Curvature singularities, tidal forces and the viability of Palatini f(R) gravity 1-gen-2008 BARAUSSE EMiller, John +
Curvature-adapted remeshing of CAD surfaces 1-gen-2018 Andrea Mola +
Curvature-adapted Remeshing of CAD Surfaces 1-gen-2014 Dassi, FrancoMola, Andrea +
Curvature-induced bound states in Robin waveguides and their asymptotical properties 1-gen-2014 MINAKOV, Oleksandr +
Curvature: a variational approach 1-gen-2018 Agrachev, AndreyRizzi L. +
Curving Newtonian Space 1-gen-1997 Lanza, AntonioMiller, John CharlesSonego, Sebastiano +
CXCL5-mediated accumulation of SiglecFhigh neutrophils in lung tumor tissues impairs CD8 T cell responses and limits the efficacy of PD-L1 checkpoint blockade 3-set-2021 Simoncello, Francesca
The cyclic AMP signaling pathway in the rodent main olfactory system 1-gen-2021 Boccaccio, AnnaMenini, AnnaPifferi, Simone
Cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channels in sensory transduction 1-gen-2006 Pifferi, SimoneMenini, Anna +
Cytokine inflammatory threat, but not LPS one, shortens GABAergic synaptic currents in the mouse spinal cord organotypic cultures 1-gen-2019 Giacco, VincenzoPanattoni, GiuliaMedelin, ManuelaBallerini, Laura +
Cytoskeletal scaffolds in neuronal development 27-nov-2019 Mortal, Simone
d-wave pairing in lightly doped Mott insulators 1-gen-2005 Becca, FedericoSorella, Sandro +
D3-brane supergravity solutions from Ricci-flat metrics on canonical bundles of Kähler–Einstein surfaces 1-gen-2023 Bruzzo, U.Shahzad, U. +
DADApy: Distance-based analysis of data-manifolds in Python 1-gen-2022 Glielmo, AldoMacocco, IuriDoimo, DiegoCarli, MatteoZeni, ClaudioWild, Rominad'Errico, MariaLaio, Alessandro +
Dalla medicina evoluzionistica alla medicina genomica 1-gen-2005 Canali, Stefano
Dalla neurologia, alla neurobiologia, alle neuroscienze 1-gen-2011 Canali, Stefano
Dalle cellule ai vasi : il concetto di infiammazione da Cohnheim a Virchow 1-gen-1995 Canali, Stefano
Dall’ambiente interno all’omeostasi 1-gen-2004 Canali, Stefano
Mostrati risultati da 987 a 1.006 di 5.885
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