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Dubrovin Frobenius manifolds, Hurwitz spaces, and Extended Jacobi groups. 25-gen-2021 Feitosa de Almeida, Guilherme
Duration of Purkinje cell complex spikes increases with their firing frequency 1-gen-2015 Negrello, M.Giugliano, M. +
Dust evolution with MUPPI in cosmological volumes 1-gen-2022 Massimiliano ParenteAlessandro BressanAndrea Lapi +
Dust production in Thermally Pulsing Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars 29-ott-2013 Nanni, Ambra
Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes at High Redshifts: In- Situ Coevolution 12-ott-2016 Mancuso, Claudia
Dye-enhanced visualization of rat whiskers for behavioral studies 1-gen-2017 Rigosa, JacopoLucantonio, AlessandroNoselli, GiovanniZorzin, ErikMANZINO, FABRIZIOPulecchi, FrancescaDiamond, Mathew Ernest +
Dynamic aphasia in progressive supranuclear palsy: a deficit in generating a fluent sequence of novel thought 1-gen-2006 Shallice, T. +
Dynamic coupling between whisking, barrel cortex, and hippocampus during texture discrimination: A role for slow rhythms 28-nov-2011 Grion, Natalia
Dynamic electrical stimulation enhances the recruitment of spinal interneurons by corticospinal input 1-gen-2024 Taccola, GiulianoApicella, Rosamaria +
Dynamic expression of ATF3 as a novel tool to study activation and migration of endogenous spinal stem cells and their role in neural repair 1-gen-2015 Mladinic, MirandaNistri, Andrea
A dynamic model for viscoelastic materials with prescribed growing cracks 1-gen-2020 Caponi, M.Sapio, F.
A dynamic model for viscoelasticity in domains with time-dependent cracks 1-gen-2021 Sapio, F.
Dynamic molecular exchange and conformational transitions of alpha-synuclein at the nano-bio interface 1-gen-2020 De Cecco, E.Legname, G. +
Dynamical and thermal properties of Polyethylene by ab-Initio simulation 1-gen-2000 Tosatti, E.Santoro, Giuseppe E. +
Dynamical behavior across the Mott transition of two bands with different bandwidths 1-gen-2005 Becca, FedericoFabrizio, MicheleCapone, Massimo +
Dynamical chameleon neutron stars: Stability, radial oscillations, and scalar radiation in spherical symmetry 1-gen-2021 Dima, AlexandruBezares, MiguelBarausse, Enrico
Dynamical chiral symmetry breaking in sliding nanotubes 1-gen-2009 Santoro, GETosatti, E +
Dynamical Crossovers in Prethermal Critical States 1-gen-2017 Gambassi, AndreaMarino, Jamir +
Dynamical diffeomorphisms 1-gen-2021 Renata FerreroRoberto Percacci
Dynamical evaporation of quantum horizons 1-gen-2013 Pranzetti, Daniele
Mostrati risultati da 1.275 a 1.294 di 5.885
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