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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Farmacologia della compulsione? Aspetti neuroetici controversi del modello biomedico di dipendenza 1-gen-2008 Canali, Stefano
Fast collective oscillations and clustering phenomena in an antiferromagnetic mean-field model 1-gen-2021 Ruffo, S.Trombettoni, A. +
Fast evaluation of time-harmonic Maxwell's equations using the reduced basis method 1-gen-2013 Hess, Martin Wilfried +
Fast hybrid density-functional computations using plane-wave basis sets 1-gen-2019 Carnimeo, IvanBaroni, Stefano +
Fast simulations of patient-specific haemodynamics of coronary artery bypass grafts based on a POD-Galerkin method and a vascular shape parametrization 1-gen-2016 BALLARIN, FRANCESCORozza, Gianluigi +
The Fe-Ni system: Thermodynamic modelling assisted by atomistic calculations 1-gen-2010 Palumbo, M. +
Feature and Channel Selection Using Correlation Based Method for Hand Posture Classification in Multiple Arm Positions 1-gen-2014 Rigosa, Jacopo +
Feature learning and clustering analysis for images classification 26-ott-2018 Coronica, Piero
Feedback--invariant optimal control theory and differential geometry, II. Jacobi curves for singular extremals 1-gen-1998 Agrachev, Andrey
FEM SUPG stabilisation of mixed isoparametric BEMs: application to linearised free surface flows 1-gen-2015 Giuliani, NicolaMola, AndreaHeltai, Luca +
Fermi-Pasta-Ulam chains with harmonic and anharmonic long-range interactions 1-gen-2018 Trombettoni, AndreaRuffo, Stefano +
Fermion conformal bootstrap in 4d 1-gen-2019 Karateev, D.Serone, M. +
Fermion masses, mass-mixing and the almost commutative geometry of the Standard Model 1-gen-2019 Dabrowski L.Sitarz A.
Ferromagnetic Kondo Effect in a Triple Quantum Dot System 1-gen-2013 Baruselli, PierpaoloRequist, Ryan TylerFabrizio, MicheleTosatti, Erio
Fibre bundle description of gauge and spinor fields and of the Kaluza-Klein unification 1-ott-1985 Landi, Giovanni
Field and Gauge Theories with Ultracold Gauge Potentials and Fields 4-ott-2017 Pinto Barros, Joao Carlos
Field Redefinitions in QFT 31-gen-2022 BENHADDOUCHE, ZAKARIA
Field-Driven Mott Gap Collapse and Resistive Switch in Correlated Insulators 1-gen-2016 Mazza, GiacomoAmaricci, AdrianoCapone, MassimoFabrizio, Michele
Fighting cancer with transition metal complexes: from naked DNA to protein and chromatin targeting strategies 1-gen-2016 Alessandra Magistrato +
Filter stabilization for the mildly compressible Euler equations with application to atmosphere dynamics simulations 1-gen-2023 Clinco N.Girfoglio M.Quaini A.Rozza G.
Mostrati risultati da 1.776 a 1.795 di 5.956
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