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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Generalized hydrodynamics of the repulsive spin-1/2 Fermi gas 1-gen-2022 Scopa, S.Calabrese, P.Piroli, L.
Generalized no-hair theorems without horizons 1-gen-2019 Carballo-Rubio, R.Liberati, S. +
Generalized quantum gravity condensates for homogeneous geometries and cosmology 1-gen-2015 Pranzetti, Daniele +
The generalized ratios intrinsic dimension estimator 1-gen-2022 Denti, FrancescoDoimo, DiegoLaio, AlessandroMira, Antonietta
Generalized reduced basis methods and n-width estimates for the approximation of the solution manifold of parametric PDEs 1-gen-2013 Manzoni, AndreaRozza, Gianluigi +
Generalized Ricci curvature bounds for three dimensional contact subriemannian manifolds 1-gen-2014 Agrachev, Andrey +
Generalized states in SFT 1-gen-2013 Bonora, Loriano +
Generating diversity at GABAergic synapses 1-gen-2001 Cherubini, Enrico +
Generating Functions for K-theoretic Donaldson Invariants and their Refinements 24-lug-2019 Williams, Runako Abdalla
Generating series for GUE correlators 1-gen-2017 Dubrovin, BorisYang, Di
Generation and recognition of abstract rules in different frontal lobe subgroups 1-gen-2005 Shallice, Timothy +
Generation and validation of a preclinical model of hypermutated lung cancer to study ICB resistance and DC Therapy 6-dic-2022 Lopez Rodriguez, Lucia Ines
A generative framework for the study of delusions 1-gen-2022 Erdmann T.Mathys C.
Genetic targeting of chemical indicators in vivo 1-gen-2015 De Castro Reis, FernandaSundukova, MayyaHeppenstall, Paul A. +
Genetic tests: between risks and opportunities 1-gen-2010 Ramani, DonatoSaviane, C.
Genome assembly of Populus nigra var. italica and genetic basis of columnar growth habit 28-feb-2024 DUBAY, BHUMIKA
Geodesically complete black holes 1-gen-2020 Di Filippo, FLiberati, S. +
Geodesically complete black holes in Lorentz-violating gravity 1-gen-2022 Francesco Di FilippoStefano Liberati +
Geodesics and horizontal-path spaces in Carnot groups 1-gen-2015 Agrachev, AndreyGentile, AlessandroLerario, Antonio
Geodesics and horizontal-path spaces in sub-Riemannian geometry 31-ott-2014 Gentile, Alessandro
Mostrati risultati da 2.085 a 2.104 di 5.931
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