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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
M2-branes and q-Painlevé equations 1-gen-2022 Bonelli, G.Globlek, F.Tanzini, A. +
M49. Storia di un orso in fuga 22-feb-2023 Marchesi, Lorenzo
Machine learning RNA force fields from experimental data 30-set-2022 FROEHLKING, THORBEN
Macroscopic Quantum Oscillations between Two Weakly coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates 1-gen-2003 Trombettoni, Andrea +
Magnetic Fields in Proto-Neutron Stars and in Accretion Discs Around Neutron Stars 26-ott-2009 Naso, Luca
Magnetic microstructures-a paradigm of multiscale problems 1-gen-2000 De Simone, Antonio +
Magnetism and Superconductivity in the Two-Band Hubbard Model: A Variational Monte Carlo Perspective 26-ott-2018 De Franco, Caterina
Magneto-transport and localization in disordered systems with local superconductive attraction 13-ott-2016 Nguyen, Thi Thuong
Making ghost vortices visible in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates 1-gen-2023 Richaud, Andrea +
A Manual for Conformal Field Theories in 4D 18-set-2017 El Khidir Osman, Emtinan Salah El-Din
Markov State Modeling of 2D Nanofrictional Sliding, on Smooth and Rough Surfaces 25-ott-2019 Teruzzi, Martina
Masked Morphological Priming and Sensitivity to the Statistical Structure of form-to-Meaning mapping in L2 1-gen-2022 Viviani, EvaCrepaldi, Davide
Mass-driven vortex collisions in flat superfluids 1-gen-2023 Richaud, AndreaCapone, MassimoRecati, Alessio +
Massive neutrinos and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe 18-set-2015 Castorina, Emanuele
Mast cell degranulating peptide increases the frequency of spontaneous miniature postsynaptic currents in CA3 hippocampal neurones 1-gen-1991 Cherubini, Enrico +
Matching scalar leptoquarks to the SMEFT at one loop 1-gen-2020 Valerio GherardiDavid MarzoccaElena Venturini
A mathematical analysis of a one dimensional model for dynamic debonding 29-set-2017 Nardini, Lorenzo
Mathematical analysis of Bose mixtures and related models: ground state theory and effective dynamics. 25-set-2018 Olgiati, Alessandro
Mathematical analysis of models of non-homogeneous fluids and of hyperbolic equations with low regularity coefficients 28-mag-2012 Fanelli, Francesco
Mathematical Methods for 4d N=2 QFTs 19-set-2018 Caorsi, Matteo
Mostrati risultati da 871 a 890 di 1.751
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