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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Modelling of primary bcc-Fe crystal growth in a Fe85B15 amorphous alloy 1-gen-2005 Palumbo, M. +
Modelling the selection of routine action: exploring the criticality of parameter values 1-gen-1997 Shallice, Timothy +
Models for RG running for Gravitational couplings and applications 16-set-2013 Rachwal, Leslaw
Models of topologically-complex self-assembling systems 30-set-2022 BECCHI, MATTEO
Modified Thirring model beyond the excluded-volume approximation 1-gen-2022 Lapo CasettiPierfrancesco Di CintioStefano Ruffo +
Modular A 5 symmetry for flavour model building 1-gen-2019 Pavel NovichkovS. T. Petcov +
Modular Hamiltonians for the massless Dirac field in the presence of a boundary 1-gen-2021 Mintchev M.Tonni E.
Modular Hamiltonians for the massless Dirac field in the presence of a defect 1-gen-2021 Mintchev M.Tonni E.
Modular invariant dynamics and fermion mass hierarchies around τ = i 1-gen-2021 Feruglio, F.Gherardi, V.Romanino, A.Titov, A.
Modular S 4 models of lepton masses and mixing 1-gen-2019 Petcov S. T. +
Modularity and consciousness 1-gen-1997 Shallice, Timothy
Modulated elliptic wave and asymptotic solitons in a shock problem to the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation 1-gen-2015 MINAKOV, Oleksandr +
Modulation of Microglial Phenotype by Textured Nanofibrils 10-ago-2020 Song, Qin
Modulation of pheromone responses in vomeronasal sensory neurons 28-set-2021 Sarno, Nicole
Modulational instabilities and domain walls in coupled discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equations 1-gen-2004 Trombettoni, A. +
Modulational Instabilities in Lattices with Power-Law Hoppings and Interactions 1-gen-2013 Trombettoni, Andrea +
Modulational Instability and its Suppression for Bose-Einstein Condensates Under Magnetic and Optical Lattice Trapping 1-gen-2006 Trombettoni, Andrea +
Modulatory effects by CB1 receptors on rat spinal locomotor networks after sustained application of agonists or antagonists 1-gen-2015 Veeraraghavan, PriyadharishiniNistri, Andrea
Modulatory effects of S 38232, a non alpha-7 containing nicotine acetylcholine receptor agonist on network activity in the mouse hippocampus 1-gen-2010 Cherubini, Enrico +
Moduli of rank 2 Higgs sheaves on elliptic surfaces 1-gen-2023 Bruzzo, U.Peragine, V.
Mostrati risultati da 3.091 a 3.110 di 5.885
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