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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
v-P 2 O 5 micro-clustering in P-doped silica studied by a first-principles Raman investigation 1-gen-2019 Giacomazzi, L.De Gironcoli, S. +
Vacuum string field theory ancestors of the GMS solitons 1-gen-2003 Bonora, Loriano +
Vacuum string field theory with B-field 1-gen-2002 Bonora, Loriano +
Vacuum structure of large N QCD3 from holography 1-gen-2020 Bertolini M.Mignosa F. +
Valence-band offsets at strained Si/Ge interfaces 1-gen-1991 Resta, R.Baroni, S. +
Valence-bond crystal in the extended kagome spin-1/2 quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnet: A variational Monte Carlo approach 1-gen-2011 Becca, Federico +
Valence-bond crystals in the kagome spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet: a symmetry classification and projected wave function study 1-gen-2012 Becca, Federico +
Valence-bond states in dynamical Jahn-Teller molecular system 1-gen-1997 Santoro, Giuseppe E.Tosatti, E. +
Validity of the GGE for quantum quenches from interacting to noninteracting models 1-gen-2014 Sotiriadis, SpyridonCalabrese, Pasquale
Valley Jahn-Teller Effect in Twisted Bilayer Graphene 1-gen-2019 Angeli M.Tosatti E.Fabrizio M.
A vanishing-inertia analysis for finite-dimensional rate-independent systems with nonautonomous dissipation and an application to soft crawlers 1-gen-2021 Gidoni P.Riva F.
Variation of gluing in homological mirror symmetry 8-set-2023 Morimura, Hayato
Variational and auxiliary field Monte Carlo for the Hubbard and Hubbard-Holstein models: an accurate finite-size scaling and a "sign problem" solution 5-ott-2018 Karakuzu, Seher
Variational approach for the superfluid-insulator transition in the bosonic Hubbard model 1-gen-2008 Becca, Federico +
A variational approach to statics and dynamics of elasto-plastic systems 31-ott-2014 Scala, Riccardo
Variational aspects of Liouville equations and systems 25-set-2015 Jevnikar, Aleks
Variational aspects of singular Liouville systems 25-set-2015 Battaglia, Luca
Variational description of Mott insulators: the case of the t-t' one-dimensionalHubbard model 1-gen-2005 Becca, FedericoFabrizio, MicheleSorella, SandroTosatti, Erio +
Variational dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates in deep optical lattices 1-gen-2001 Trombettoni, A.Smerzi, A.
Variational Limits of Discrete Systems 22-ott-1999 Gelli, Maria Stella
Mostrati risultati da 5.808 a 5.827 di 5.946
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