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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Unraveling the Molecular Mechanism of Splicing through Molecular Dynamics Simulation 29-nov-2021 Saltalamacchia, Andrea
Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of color expression in anthocyanins 1-gen-2019 Rusishvili M.Grisanti L.Laporte S.Micciarelli M.Rosa M.Magistrato A.Baroni S. +
Unraveling the Mott-Peierls intrigue in vanadium dioxide 1-gen-2020 F. GrandiA. AmaricciM. Fabrizio
Unravelling Mg2+-RNA binding with atomistic molecular dynamics 1-gen-2017 Andre Cunha, RichardBussi, Giovanni
Unsteady critical liquid sheet flows 1-gen-2017 Girfoglio, M.De Luca, L. +
An unsupervised approach to the analysis of free energy landscapes and to protein design 16-dic-2020 Sormani, Giulia
Unsupervised experience with temporal continuity of the visual environment is causally involved in the development of V1 complex cells 1-gen-2020 Matteucci G.Zoccolan D.
Unsupervised Learning Methods for Molecular Simulation Data 1-gen-2021 Glielmo A.Rodriguez Garcia A.Laio A. +
Unsupervised learning of mid-level visual representations 1-gen-2023 Matteucci, GiulioPiasini, EugenioZoccolan, Davide
Unsupervised Learning of the Structure and Dynamics of Liquid Water 28-feb-2022 Offei-Danso, Adu
Unsupervised Learning Universal Critical Behavior via the Intrinsic Dimension 1-gen-2021 Turkeshi, X.Dalmonte, M.Rodriguez, Alex +
Unsupervised protein family classification by Density Peak clustering 21-dic-2020 Russo, Elena Tea
An unsupervised tour through the hidden pathways of deep neural networks 15-dic-2022 Doimo, Diego
Untangling of trajectories for non-smooth vector fields and Bressan's Compactness Conjecture 29-set-2017 Bonicatto, Paolo
Unusual Ar-H/Rh-H J(HH) NMR coupling in complexes of rhodium(III): experimental evidence and theoretical support for an eta1-arene structure 1-gen-2004 MAGISTRATO, ALESSANDRA +
Unusual area-law violation in random inhomogeneous systems 1-gen-2019 Alba V.Ruggiero P.Rodriguez-Laguna J.Calabrese P. +
Unusual increase in lumbar network excitability of the rat spinal cord evoked by the PARP-1 inhibitor PJ-34 through inhibition of glutamate uptake 1-gen-2012 Bianchetti, ElenaNistri, Andrea +
Unveiling dark matter free streaming at the smallest scales with the high redshift Lyman-alpha forest 1-gen-2024 Irsic, VidViel, MatteoBoera, Elisa +
Unveiling hidden physics at the LHC 1-gen-2022 Oliver FischerShankha BanerjeeBenedetta BelfattoTao HanMatthew KirkSuchita KulkarniDavid Marzocca +
Unveiling the metric structure of internal representations of space 1-gen-2013 Stella, FedericoCerasti, ErikaTreves, Alessandro
Mostrati risultati da 5.787 a 5.806 di 5.958
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