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Two remarks on the stability of ordinary differential equations 1-gen-1980 Vidossich, Giovanni
Two-body non-leptonic decays on the lattice 1-gen-1996 Franco, E.Martinelli, G. +
Two-body nonleptonic B decays in the standard model and beyond 1-gen-2004 Martinelli, Guido +
Two-dimensional almost Riemannian manifolds 1-gen-2007 Agrachev, A.Boscain, U. +
Two-dimensional almost-Riemannian structures with tangency points 1-gen-2010 Agrachev, A. +
Two-Dimensional Gauge Theories in BV Formalism and Gluing-Cutting 19-set-2018 Iraso, Riccardo
Two-Dimensional Quantum-Link Lattice Quantum Electrodynamics at Finite Density 1-gen-2020 Silvi, PietroCollura, MarioMontangero, Simone +
Two-Dimensional Z2 Lattice Gauge Theory on a Near-Term Quantum Simulator: Variational Quantum Optimization, Confinement, and Topological Order 1-gen-2022 Lumia, LucaTorta, PietroMbeng, Glen B.Santoro, Giuseppe E.Ercolessi, ElisaBurrello, MicheleWauters, Matteo M.
Two-integral distribution functions in axisymmetric galaxies: Implications for dark matter searches 1-gen-2019 Petač, MihaelUllio, Piero
Two-membered silicon rings on the dehydroxylated surface of silica 1-gen-2000 Tosatti, Erio +
Two-particle Fermi liquid parameters at the Mott transition: Vertex divergences, Landau parameters, and incoherent response in dynamical mean-field theory 1-gen-2019 Krien F.Capone M. +
The two-point boundary value problem from the Cauchy problem 1-gen-1985 Vidossich, Giovanni
Two-point functions in a holographic Kondo model 1-gen-2017 Papadimitriou, Ioannis +
Two-stage rotational disordering of a molecular crystal surface: C-6 1-gen-2001 Tosatti, Erio +
Type I interferon activation in RAS-associated autoimmune leukoproliferative disease (RALD) 1-gen-2021 Spirito, G.Sanges, R.Gustincich, S. +
U(1) symmetry resolved entanglement in free 1+1 dimensional field theories via form factor bootstrap 1-gen-2021 Horvath, D.Capizzi, L.Calabrese, P.
U-PMNS = (UlUv)-U-dagger 1-gen-2007 Petcov, ST +
UCHL1 protein synthesis upon rapamycin treatment involves its antisense RNA trough embedded SINEB2 repeat 24-gen-2011 Carrieri, Claudia
Ultra-relativistic bubbles from the simplest Higgs portal and their cosmological consequences 1-gen-2022 Azatov, AleksandrBarni, GiulioChakraborty, SabyasachiVanvlasselaer, Miguel +
Ultracold atoms in U(2) non-Abelian gauge potentials preserving the Landau levels 1-gen-2011 Trombettoni, Andrea +
Mostrati risultati da 5.647 a 5.666 di 5.885
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