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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
GPU accelerated contact simulations 20-dic-2022 -
Holography, localisation of information and subregions 15-dic-2023 BAHIRU, EYOAB DEJENE
HPC implementations in the SHYFEM hydrodynamic model using the PETSc library and application to modern architectures 18-dic-2020 -
Improve investigating gravitational-wave sources with the help of MPI and OpenMP interface 20-dic-2022 Nazarova, Natalia
Inequivalence of coset constructions for spacetime symmetries: Coupling with gravity 1-gen-2016 Baratella, PietroCreminelli, PaoloSerone, MarcoTrevisan, Gabriele
Interface dynamics in the two-dimensional quantum Ising model 1-gen-2023 Balducci, FedericoGambassi, AndreaLerose, AlessioScardicchio, AntonelloVanoni, Carlo
Intrinsic Dimension Estimation for non-Euclidean manifolds: from metagenomics to unweighted networks 26-ott-2023 MACOCCO, IURI
Large-scale Exact Diagonalization of spin models with non-Abelian symmetries for the study of Many-Body Localization 20-dic-2018 -
Lithium Adsorption on Graphene at Finite Temperature 1-gen-2018 Shaidu, YusufKüçükbenli, EmineDe Gironcoli, Stefano
Looking through the QCD conformal window with perturbation theory 1-gen-2020 Lorenzo Di PietroMarco Serone
Massively parallel approaches to frustrated quantum magnets 20-dic-2018 -
Modernizing a high performance cluster: a case for ICMS at Temple University 14-feb-2020 -
Multi-label classification of computed tomography scan reports 20-dic-2019 Zampieri, Matteo
Multioutput regression of noisy time series using convolutional neural networks with applications to gravitational waves 20-dic-2019 Pacilio, Costantino
Negativity Hamiltonian: An Operator Characterization of Mixed-State Entanglement 1-gen-2022 Murciano, SaraVitale, VittorioDalmonte, MarcelloCalabrese, Pasquale
Non-invertible symmetries along 4d RG flows 1-gen-2024 Damia, Jeremias AguileraArgurio, RiccardoBenini, FrancescoBenvenuti, SergioCopetti, ChristianTizzano, Luigi
Novel application of neural networks in model recognition for cosmic microwave background data analysis 30-ott-2020 Farsian, Farida
On supersymmetry breaking vacua from D-branes at orientifold singularities 1-gen-2019 Argurio R.Bertolini M.Meynet S. +
A parallel clustering algorithm for image segmentation 20-dic-2018 -
Mostrati risultati da 18 a 37 di 50
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