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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Ankrd2: a link between the sarcomere and the nucleus in skeletal muscle 16-dic-2005 Medeot, Elisa
Dynamics of DNA methylation variation in the clonally propagated perennial tree Populus nigra cv. ‘italica’ 27-set-2023 PEREZ-BELLO GIL, PALOMA
Enhancing neuronogenesis and counteracting neuropathogenic gene haploinsufficiencies by RNA gene activation 1-gen-2017 Mallamaci, Antonio
Fine Mapping of Human DNA Replication Origins 4-nov-1996 -
FoxG1 antagonizes neocortical stem cell progression to astrogenesis 1-gen-2019 Falcone, CarmenSanto, ManuelaLiuzzi, GabrieleCannizzaro, NoemiGrudina, ClaraMallamaci, Antonio +
From Misfolded Recombinant Proteins in vitro to Pathological Agents in vivo 27-mar-2014 Le, Tran Thanh Nhat
A genomic approach to interneuron diversity and the emergence of an epileptic brain 29-ott-2008 Motti, Dario
hGTSE1 protein unveils new pathways that regulate apoptosis and cell motility 22-ott-2010 -
Human Proteins that Interact Specifically with a DNA Replication Origin 16-dic-1992 -
Intracellularly selected recombinant antibodies targeting β Amyloid Oligomers 9-lug-2007 Meli, Giovanni Antonio
LINE-1 copy number variation in Alzheimer's disease 26-gen-2015 Maurutto, Marta
Mechanism of Activation of the Integrated Promoter of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type1 15-dic-1998 -
Molecular Basis of the Splicing Regulation in Human CFTR Exon 9 13-dic-1999 -
Mutation Analysis of the Hepatitis C Virus Internal Ribosome Entry Site and Its Implication in Translation Initiation 11-lug-2001 -
New approaches to unveil the Transcriptional landscape of dopaminergic neurons 27-ott-2008 Simone, Roberto
Novel cellular pathways inactivated by the HPV E6 transforming protein 24-giu-2002 Mantovani, Fiamma
The Papillomavirus E2 Proteins: Master Regulators of Viral Replication and Gene Expression 3-lug-1998 -
The potential role of copper binding sites in prion propagation 20-feb-2014 Mai, Phuong Thao
Promotion of embryonic cortico-cerebral neuronogenesis by miR-124 27-nov-2009 Maiorano, Nicola Antonio
Role of cellular prion protein in central nervous system myelination 25-gen-2016 Meneghetti, Elisa
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 25
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