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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Computational spectroscopy of helium-solvated molecules: Effective inertia, from small He clusters toward the nanodroplet regime 1-gen-2005 Paolini, S.Fantoni, S.Moroni, S.Baroni, S.
Conformal field theories in higher genus Riemann surfaces 11-dic-1989 -
Construction of the BRST invariant string ground state and quantum properties of the related wave function 1-ott-1987 -
Covariant string field theory 30-ott-1987 -
Dynamics of phase transitions in the early universe and cosmological consequences 12-set-2022 Vanvlasselaer, Miguel Etienne A
Extrinsic Geometry and W-Gravities 21-ott-1991 -
Field Theories and Pointlike Magnetic Monopoles 6-dic-1983 -
Form Factors and Correlation Functions 22-ott-1996 -
Freely Acting Orbifolds 9-ott-2003 Trapletti, Michele
Global properties of higher dimensional models and their cosmological implications 8-ott-2002 Tasinato, Gianmassimo
Gravitational instantons in string theory. 1-gen-1993 -
Higgs and beyond in the LHC era 17-set-2014 Marzocca, David
The KP Hierarchies in Matrix Models 29-ott-1992 -
Landau levels in the noncommutative AdS(2) 1-gen-2002 Iengo, R. +
Massive neutrinos and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe 18-set-2015 Castorina, Emanuele
The massless dipole field 1-ott-1988 -
Mott transitions, topology, and magnetism of interacting fermions in confined geometries. 28-ago-2020 Baumann, Karla Jana
Phenomenology from the Landscape of String Vacua 18-set-2007 Valandro, Roberto
Precision microstate counting of black hole entropy from N=1 toric quiver gauge theories 23-giu-2021 Gonzalez Lezcano, Alfredo
Quantum entanglement of charges in bound states with finite-size dyons 1-gen-2002 Iengo, R. +
Mostrati risultati da 7 a 26 di 37
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