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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
L1-stability estimates for n x n conservation laws 1-gen-1999 Bressan, Alberto +
L^1-optimal transport and functional inequalities in spaces with curvature dimension condition 29-set-2022 Farinelli, Sara
Laplace equation in a domain with a rectilinear crack: higher order derivatives of the energy with respect to the crack length 1-gen-2015 Dal Maso, GianniOrlando, GianlucaToader, Rodica
Large deviations principle for the cubic NLS equation 1-gen-2023 Grande Izquierdo, R.Staffilani, G. +
Large KAM tori for perturbations of the defocusing NLS equation 1-gen-2018 Berti, Massimiliano +
Large KAM Tori for Quasi-linear Perturbations of KdV 1-gen-2021 Berti, MassimilianoKappeler, ThomasMontalto, Riccardo
Lecture notes on differential calculus on RCD spaces 1-gen-2018 Gigli, Nicola
Lectures on Nonsmooth Differential Geometry 1-gen-2020 Nicola GigliEnrico Pasqualetto
Lie-algebraic conditions for exponential stability of switched systems 1-gen-1999 Agrachev, A. +
Lie-algebraic stability criteria for switched systems 1-gen-2001 Agrachev, Andrey +
Limits of Minimum Problems with Convex Obstacles for Vector Valued Functions 29-ott-1992 -
Linear elasticity obtained from finite elasticity by Gamma-convergence under weak coerciveness conditions 1-gen-2012 Agostiniani, VirginiaDal Maso, GianniDe Simone, Antonio
A Linear Stochastic Model of Turbulent Cascades and Fractional Fields In corso di stampa Gallagher, IsabelleGrande, Ricardo +
A Lipschitz selection from the set of minimizers of a nonconvex functional of the gradient 1-gen-1999 Dal Maso, G +
Local curvature-dimension condition implies measure-contraction property 1-gen-2012 Cavalletti, Fabio +
Local semiconvexity of Kantorovich potentials on non-compact manifolds 1-gen-2011 Gigli, Nicola +
Local vector measures 1-gen-2024 Brena C.Gigli N.
Local Well Posedness of the Euler-Korteweg Equations on T-d 1-gen-2021 Berti, MMaspero, AMurgante, F
Long time dynamics of Hamiltonian PDEs: linear Klein-Gordon and water waves equations 24-set-2020 Franzoi, Luca
Long time dynamics of Schrödinger and wave equations on flat tori 1-gen-2019 Berti, M.Maspero, A.
Mostrati risultati da 325 a 344 di 749
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