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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
"E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle". La comunicazione della cultura astronomica in Italia : un caso di studio 1-feb-2012 -
The E3 Ubiquitin Ligase TRAF6 Interacts with the Cellular Prion Protein and Modulates Its Solubility and Recruitment to Cytoplasmic p62/SQSTM1-Positive Aggresome-Like Structures 1-gen-2022 Masperone, L.Codrich, M.Gustincich, S.Zucchelli, S.Legname, G. +
Early and delayed effects of kainate application on oscillatory networks of the rat spinal cord in vitro 1-gen-2008 Taccola, Giuliano +
Early cosmological evolution of primordial electromagnetic fields 1-gen-2019 Takeshi Kobayashi +
Early dark energy at high redshifts: status and perspectives 1-gen-2009 Viel, Matteo +
The early effects of radiotherapy on intellectual and cognitive functioning in patients with frontal brain tumours: the use of a new neuropsychological methodology 1-gen-2004 Shallice, T +
Early expression of GABAA receptor delta subunit in the neonatal rat hippocampus 1-gen-2000 Cherubini, Enrico +
Early functional and morphological changes in locomotor networks induced by focal lesion in an in vitro spinal cord injury model 1-gen-2009 Taccola, Giuliano +
Early growth response (Egr)-1 gene induction in the thymus in response to TCR ligation during early steps in positive selection is not required for CD8 lineage commitment 1-gen-2000 Legname, Giuseppe +
Early phase of plasticity-related gene regulation and SRF dependent transcription in the hippocampus 1-gen-2013 Altafini, ClaudioTorre, Vincent +
Early signs of motoneuron vulnerability in a disease model system: characterization of transverse slice cultures of spinal cord isolated from embryonic ALS mice. 1-gen-2006 Avossa, D.Grandolfo, M.Mazzarol, F.Ballerini, L. +
Early spread of hyperexcitability to caudal dorsal horn networks after a chemically-induced lesion of the rat spinal cord in vitro 1-gen-2013 Taccola, Giuliano +
Early structural features in mammalian prion conformation conversion 1-gen-2012 Legname, Giuseppe
Early structure formation in quintessence models and its implications for cosmic reionisation from first stars 1-gen-2006 Baccigalupi, C.Perrotta, F. +
Early time perturbations behavior in scalar field cosmologies 1-gen-1999 Perrotta, F.Baccigalupi, C.
Early-stage dynamics of metallic droplets embedded in the nanotextured Mott insulating phase of V2 O3 1-gen-2019 Fabrizio M. +
Early-type galaxies in the Hubble deep field: The star formation history 1-gen-1998 Bressan, A.Danese, L. +
The EBEX Balloon-borne Experiment - Detectors and Readout 1-gen-2018 Baccigalupi, C.Jaffe, A.Lee, A.Limon, M. +
The EBEX Balloon-borne Experiment - Gondola, Attitude Control, and Control Software 1-gen-2018 Baccigalupi, C.Jaffe, A.Lee, A.Limon, M.Pascale, E. +
The EBEX Balloon-borne Experiment - Optics, Receiver, and Polarimetry 1-gen-2018 Baccigalupi, C.Jaffe, A.Lee, A.Limon, M.Savini, G. +
Mostrati risultati da 3.216 a 3.235 di 13.514
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