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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Dynamics and reproducibility of a moderately complex sensory-motor response in the medicinal leech 1-gen-2004 Zoccolan, Davide FrancoTorre, Vincent +
Dynamics and thermodynamics of rotators interacting with both long and short range couplings 1-gen-2006 Ruffo, S. +
Dynamics and thermodynamics of systems with long-range interactions 1-gen-2002 Ruffo, S. +
Dynamics control by a time-varying feedback 1-gen-2010 Agrachev, A.Caponigro, M.
Dynamics in extreme environments: galactic nuclei 20-ott-2017 Trani, Alessandro
Dynamics in many-body localized quantum systems without disorder 1-gen-2015 Schiulaz, MauroSilva, Alessandro +
The dynamics of a neuronal culture of dissociated cortical neurons of neonatal rats 1-gen-2000 Torre, V. +
Dynamics of black hole-neutron star binaries in young star clusters 1-gen-2020 Spera M. +
Dynamics of correlation-frozen antinodal quasiparticles in superconducting cuprates 1-gen-2018 Capone, MassimoGiannetti, Claudio +
Dynamics of doped [4]He and [3]He clusters from reptation quantum Monte Carlo 21-dic-2009 Skrbic, Tatjana
Dynamics of early locomotor network dysfunction following a focal lesion in an in vitro model of spinal injury 1-gen-2010 Taccola, GiulianoMladinic, MirandaNistri, Andrea
Dynamics of electro-opto-mechanical effects in swollen nematic elastomers 1-gen-2008 De Simone, Antonio +
Dynamics of excitatory transmitter release: analysis of synaptic responses in CA3 hippocampal neurons after repetitive stimulation of afferent fibers 1-gen-1998 Cherubini, Enrico +
Dynamics of fluctuations in the Gaussian model with conserved dynamics 1-gen-2019 Gambassi, Andrea +
Dynamics of fluctuations in the Gaussian model with dissipative Langevin Dynamics 1-gen-2020 A. Gambassi +
Dynamics of generalized Palatini Theories of Gravity 1-gen-2010 Liberati, Stefano +
The dynamics of group formation among leeches 1-gen-2012 Torre, Vincent +
Dynamics of history-dependent perceptual judgment 1-gen-2021 Hachen I.Reinartz S.Brasselet R.Stroligo A.Diamond M. E.
Dynamics of homopolymer chain models 1-ott-1996 -
Dynamics of large deviations in the hydrodynamic limit: Noninteracting systems 1-gen-2020 Perfetto GabrieleGambassi Andrea
Mostrati risultati da 2.862 a 2.881 di 12.266
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