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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Gravitational corrections to Yukawa systems 1-gen-2010 Percacci, Roberto +
Gravitational dynamics in Bose Einstein condensates 1-gen-2008 Liberati, Stefano +
Gravitational excitation of high frequency QPOs 1-gen-2008 Miller, John +
Gravitational instabilities of superspinars 1-gen-2010 Barausse E +
Gravitational instantons and N=4 superconformal field theories in the context of Heterotic string 1-gen-1992 -
Gravitational instantons in string theory. 1-gen-1993 -
Gravitational lens models based on Submillimeter Array Herschel is an ESA space observatory with science instruments provided by European-led Principal Investigator consortia and with important participation from NASA.-selected strongly lensed sub-millimeter galaxies at z > 1.5 1-gen-2013 Lapi, AndreaDe Zotti, GianfrancoNegrello, Mattia +
Gravitational lensing of extended high-redshift sources by dark matter haloes 1-gen-2002 Perrotta, F.Baccigalupi, C.De Zotti, G. +
Gravitational self-force correction to the binding energy of compact binary systems 1-gen-2012 Barausse E +
Gravitational supervertices in N=1 4D superstrings 1-gen-1987 Cecotti, Sergio +
Gravitational traces of broken gauge symmetries 1-gen-2020 Azatov, AleksandrBarducci, DanieleSgarlata, Francesco
Gravitational wave astronomy: the current status 1-gen-2015 Baccigalupi, C. +
Gravitational Wave Decay: Implications for cosmological scalar-tensor theories 16-set-2020 Tambalo, Giovanni
Gravitational wave searches for ultralight bosons with LIGO and LISA 1-gen-2017 Barausse, E. +
The Gravitational Wave Signature of Stellar Collapse and Dynamics of Compact Stars 16-ott-2009 -
Gravitational waves and kicks from the merger of unequal mass, highly compact boson stars 1-gen-2022 Bezares, MiguelBošković, MatejaPani, PaoloBarausse, Enrico +
Gravitational Waves as String Vacua 27-ott-1989 -
Gravitational waves from extreme mass ratio inspirals in non-pure Kerr spacetimes 1-gen-2007 Barausse, E. +
Gravitational waves from the remnants of the first stars 1-gen-2016 Barausse E +
Gravitational waves throughout galaxy evolution: stellar BH mergers and heavy SMBH seeds. 18-ott-2021 BOCO, LUMEN
Mostrati risultati da 4.895 a 4.914 di 12.977
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