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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
High-throughput screening to identify human microRNAs enhancing CRISPR/Cas9-based homologous recombination for cardiac gene correction 28-ott-2019 Schneider, Edoardo
High-Z cosmography at a glance 1-gen-2015 Liberati S.Viel M. +
Higher Curvature Gravity and the Holographic fluid dual to flat spacetime 1-gen-2011 Liberati, S. +
Higher derivative F terms in N=2 strings 1-gen-1996 Serone, Marco +
Higher derivative gravity and asymptotic safety in diverse dimensions 1-gen-2014 Percacci, Roberto +
Higher derivative gravity: Field equation as the equation of state 1-gen-2016 Dey, Ramit KumarLiberati, StefanoMohd, Arif
Higher derivative supergravity is equivalent to standard supergravity 1-gen-1987 Cecotti, Sergio
Higher dimensional abelian Chern-Simons theory 1-gen-1989 Percacci, Roberto +
Higher Integrability for Minimizers of the Mumford-Shah Functional 1-gen-2014 De Philippis, Guido +
Higher order corrections to electroweak processes 1-gen-1984 -
Higher order methylation features for clustering and prediction in epigenomic studies 1-gen-2016 Sanguinetti, G. +
A higher order model for image restoration: the one-dimensional case 1-gen-2009 Dal Maso, GianniMorini, Massimiliano +
Higher rank K-theoretic Donaldson-Thomas Theory of points 1-gen-2021 Fasola, NadirMonavari, SergejRicolfi, Andrea T.
Higher rank motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants of A3 via wall-crossing, and asymptotics 1-gen-2022 RICOLFI, A. T. +
Higher S-dualities and Shephard-Todd groups 1-gen-2015 Cecotti, Sergio +
Higher traces, noncommutative motives, and the categorified Chern character 1-gen-2017 Sibilla N. +
Higher-level motor processes 1-gen-2010 Rumiati, R. I. +
Higher-order cognitive impairments and frontal lobe lesions in man 1-gen-1991 Shallice, Timothy +
Higher-Order Field Theory and General Relativity 5-ott-1988 -
Higher-order quasiconvexity reduces to quasiconvexity 1-gen-2004 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Mostrati risultati da 5.215 a 5.234 di 13.104
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