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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Hawking-like radiation does not require a trapped region 1-gen-2006 Liberati, Stefano +
Hawking-like radiation from evolving black holes and compact horizonless objects 1-gen-2011 Liberati, Stefano +
The HcscK equations in symplectic coordinates 1-gen-2022 Scarpa, CarloStoppa, Jacopo
HDG methods and data-driven techniques for the van Roosbroeck model and its applications 20-dic-2022 Piani, Stefano
HE-LHC: The High-Energy Large Hadron Collider 1-gen-2019 Azatov, A. +
Head position and the mental representation of Italian nominal compounds: a constituent priming study in Italian 1-gen-2009 Crepaldi D +
Hearts of Darkness: the inside out probing of black holes 1-gen-2021 Di Filippo, F.Liberati, S. +
Heat and charge transport in H2O at ice-giant conditions from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations 1-gen-2020 Grasselli F.Baroni S. +
Heat conductivity from energy-density fluctuations 1-gen-2023 Drigo, EnricoIzzo, Maria GraziaBaroni, Stefano
Heat content asymptotics for sub-Riemannian manifolds 1-gen-2021 Rizzi, L.Rossi, T.
Heat content asymptotics in sub-Riemannian geometry 22-set-2021 Rossi, Tommaso
Heat flow and calculus on metric measure spaces with ricci curvature bounded below—The compact case 1-gen-2013 Gigli, N. +
Heat Flow on Alexandrov spaces 1-gen-2013 Gigli, Nicola +
The Heat-Flow for Harmonic Maps into Manifolds with Boundary 1-gen-1989 Musina, Roberta +
The heat-kernel and the average effective potential 1-gen-1995 Percacci, Roberto +
Heavy flavours on the lattice 1-gen-1992 Martinelli, Guido
Heavy flavours on the lattice: Results and prospects 1-gen-1994 Martinelli, Guido
Heavy-heavy form factors and generalized factorization 1-gen-1999 Contino, R.Franco, E.Martinelli, G. +
Heisenberg-Clifford superalgebra and instantons 1-gen-2005 Bruzzo, Ugo
Helicity Selection Rules and Non-Interference for BSM Amplitudes 1-gen-2017 Azatov, Aleksandr +
Mostrati risultati da 5.235 a 5.254 di 13.405
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