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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Knotted vs. Unknotted Proteins: Evidence of Knot-Promoting Loops 1-gen-2010 Micheletti, Cristian +
Knotting and metric scaling properties of DNA confined in nano-channels: a Monte Carlo study 1-gen-2012 Micheletti, Cristian +
Knotting and Unknotting Dynamics of DNA Strands in Nanochannels 1-gen-2014 Micheletti, Cristian +
Knotting dynamics of DNA chains of different length confined in nanochannels 1-gen-2015 Suma, AntonioMicheletti, Cristian +
Knotting of linear DNA in nano-slits and nano-channels: a numerical study 1-gen-2013 Micheletti, Cristian +
Knotting of random ring polymers in confined spaces 1-gen-2006 Micheletti, Cristian +
Know your genes. The marketing of direct-to-consumer genetic testing 1-gen-2011 Delfanti, Alessandro
Knowledge of statistics or statistical learning? Readers prioritize the statistics of their native language over the learning of local regularities 1-gen-2022 Lelonkiewicz, JaroslawCrepaldi, Davide +
Knowledge-based identification of functional domains in proteins 19-ott-2016 Ponzoni, Luca
Kodaira-Spencer theory of gravity and exact results for quantum string amplitudes 1-gen-1994 Cecotti, Sergio +
Kondo conductance across the smallest spin 1/2 radical molecule 1-gen-2014 Requist, Ryan TylerBaruselli, PierpaoloFabrizio, MicheleTosatti, Erio +
Kondo conductance in an atomic nanocontact from first principles 1-gen-2009 Fabrizio, MicheleTosatti, Erio +
Kondo Effect of Magnetic Impurities in Nanotubes 1-gen-2012 Baruselli, PierpaoloFabrizio, MicheleTosatti, Erio +
Kondo effect of magnetic impurities on nanotubes 1-gen-2012 Baruselli, PierpaoloFabrizio, MicheleTosatti, Erio +
Kondo length in bosonic lattices 1-gen-2017 Trombettoni, Andrea +
The Konishi anomaly approach to effective superpotentials 18-ott-2004 Cirafici, Michele
The Kontsevich Matrix Integral: Convergence to the Painlevé Hierarchy and Stokes’ Phenomenon 1-gen-2017 Bertola, M.Cafasso, M.
The Kontsevich–Penner Matrix Integral, Isomonodromic Tau Functions and Open Intersection Numbers. 1-gen-2019 Bertola, MarcoRuzza, Giulio
Korevaar–Schoen’s directional energy and Ambrosio’s regular Lagrangian flows In corso di stampa Gigli N. +
Korevaar–Schoen’s energy on strongly rectifiable spaces 1-gen-2021 Gigli, Nicola +
Mostrati risultati da 5.715 a 5.734 di 12.266
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