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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Molecular Dissection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 Transcription Regulation 16-dic-1992 -
Molecular Diversity Techniques in the Study of Alzheimer's Disease 24-ott-2000 Verzillo, Vittorio
Molecular Dynamics of Solids at Constant Pressure and Stress Using Anisotropic Stochastic Cell Rescaling 1-gen-2022 Del Tatto, V.Bernetti, M.Bussi, G. +
Molecular dynamics simulation of gold using the Glue model 1-ott-1986 Ercolessi, Furio
Molecular dynamics simulation of intrinsically disordered proteins 1-gen-2012 BATTISTI, Anna +
Molecular dynamics simulation of reconstructive phase transitions on an anhydrous zeolite 1-gen-2004 Laio, A. +
Molecular Dynamics Simulations Identify Time Scale of Conformational Changes Responsible for Conformational Selection in Molecular Recognition of HIV-1 Transactivation Responsive RNA 1-gen-2014 Musiani, FrancescoMicheletti, Cristian +
Molecular Dynamics Simulations Reveal an Interplay between SHAPE Reagent Binding and RNA Flexibility 1-gen-2018 Mlýnský, VojtěchBussi, Giovanni
Molecular dynamics studies of gold: bulk, defects, surfaces and clusters 1-dic-1987 Ercolessi, Furio
Molecular dynamics studies of surface phonons 1-gen-1987 -
Molecular dynamics studies on HIV-1 protease: drug resistance and folding pathways, 1-gen-2001 Micheletti, Cristian +
Molecular dynamics study of a potassium channel. 1-ott-1998 Guidoni, Leonardo
A molecular dynamics study of the displacive surface reconstruction phase transitions 2-dic-1986 -
A molecular dynamics study of the W (100) C (2*2) clean surface reconstruction 1-gen-1984 -
Molecular Electrical Properties from Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations: Application to Ethyne 1-gen-2012 Barborini, MatteoSorella, Sandro +
Molecular Genetic Approach to the Study of Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathies 15-dic-1997 -
Molecular genetics of chronic granulomatous disease. 1-gen-1992 -
The molecular genetics of cystic fibrosis: the delta F508 allele in Mexican families / Genética molecular de la fibrosis quistica: el alelo delta F508 en familias mexicanas 1-gen-1992 Gustincich, Stefano +
Molecular hydrogen adsorbed on benzene: Insights from a quantum Monte Carlo study 1-gen-2008 Sorella, Sandro +
The molecular hydrogen explorer H2EX 1-gen-2009 Bressan, ADanese, L +
Mostrati risultati da 6.860 a 6.879 di 12.556
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