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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Modified Thirring model beyond the excluded-volume approximation 1-gen-2022 Lapo CasettiPierfrancesco Di CintioStefano Ruffo +
Modular A 5 symmetry for flavour model building 1-gen-2019 Pavel NovichkovS. T. Petcov +
Modular conjugations in 2D conformal field theory and holographic bit threads 1-gen-2022 Tonni, Erik +
Modular Hamiltonians for the massless Dirac field in the presence of a boundary 1-gen-2021 Mintchev M.Tonni E.
Modular Hamiltonians for the massless Dirac field in the presence of a defect 1-gen-2021 Mintchev M.Tonni E.
A modular latching chain 1-gen-2014 Treves, Alessandro +
Modular S 4 models of lepton masses and mixing 1-gen-2019 Petcov S. T. +
Modularity and consciousness 1-gen-1997 Shallice, Timothy
Modulated elliptic wave and asymptotic solitons in a shock problem to the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation 1-gen-2015 MINAKOV, Oleksandr +
Modulation by internal protons of native cyclic nucleotide-gated channels from retinal rods 1-gen-1996 Gavazzo, PaolaMenini, A. +
Modulation of alpha-synuclein aggregation by dopamine analogs 1-gen-2010 Gustincich, StefanoLegname, Giuseppe +
Modulation of Camassa-Holm equation and reciprocal transformations 1-gen-2005 Grava, Tamara +
Modulation of coordinated activity across cortical layers by plasticity of inhibitory synapses 1-gen-2020 Giugliano M. +
Modulation of Cortical Synaptic Plasticity by the Cholinergic System and Nerve-Growth Factor 23-mar-2001 Pesavento, Emanuele
Modulation of Microglial Phenotype by Textured Nanofibrils 10-ago-2020 Song, Qin
Modulation of neuronal nicotinic receptor function by the neuropeptides CGRP and substance P on autonomic nerve cells 1-gen-2003 Nistri, A +
Modulation of P2X3 receptors by Mg2+ on rat DRG neurons in culture 1-gen-2003 Nistri, Andrea +
Modulation of perception and brain activity by predictable trajectories of facial expressions 1-gen-2010 Treves, A. +
Modulation of pheromone responses in vomeronasal sensory neurons 28-set-2021 Sarno, Nicole
Modulation of Prion by Small Molecules: From Monovalent to Bivalent and Multivalent Ligands 1-gen-2013 Legname, Giuseppe +
Mostrati risultati da 6.880 a 6.899 di 12.703
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