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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Prospects for direct dark matter searches in the constrained mssm 1-gen-2007 Trotta R. +
Prospects for fundamental physics with LISA 1-gen-2020 Barausse, EnricoDima, A.Franchini, N.Liberati, S. +
Prospects for observing extreme-mass-ratio inspirals with LISA 1-gen-2017 Barausse E +
Prospects of Determining the Neutrino Mass and CP-violating Parameters in Upcoming Experiments 18-ott-2004 Farzan, Yasaman
Protease-sensitive synthetic prions 1-gen-2010 Legname, Giuseppe +
Protected operators in Nu=2, 4 supersymmetric theories 1-gen-2001 Tanzini, A. +
Protective factors for cognitive decline: Trajectories and changes in a longitudinal study with Italian elderly 1-gen-2022 Rumiati, R. I. +
Protein design in a lattice model of hydrophobic and polar amino acids 1-gen-1998 Micheletti, Cristian +
Protein Folding Pathways with Realistic Atomistic Force Fields 1-gen-2013 Micheletti, Cristian +
Protein folding simulations: combining coarse-grained models and all-atom molecular dynamics 1-gen-2006 Micheletti, Cristian +
Protein folding transition near interfaces 1-ott-1989 -
Protein folding with combined parallel tempering and metadynamics 1-gen-2006 Bussi, G.Laio, A. +
Protein Internal Dynamics: Coarse-grained Investigation of the Structure-Function Relationship 9-nov-2009 Zen, Andrea
Protein kinase A-dependent increase in frequency of miniature GABAergic currents in rat CA3 hippocampal neurons 1-gen-1995 Cherubini, Enrico +
Protein motors. 1-ott-1999 Lattanzi, Gianluca
Protein physics by advanced computational techniques: conformational sampling and folded state discrimination 12-ott-2011 Cossio Tejada, Pilar
Protein structure and functionally-oriented dynamics: from atomistic to Coarse-grained models 27-ott-2008 Pontiggia, Francesco
Protein structures and optimal folding from a geometrical variational principle 1-gen-1999 Micheletti, Cristian +
Protein-DNA Interactions at a Human DNA Replication Origin 10-lug-1997 -
Protein-protein structure prediction by scoring molecular dynamics trajectories of putative poses 1-gen-2016 Sarti, EdoardoGladich, IvanZamuner, StefanoLaio, Alessandro +
Mostrati risultati da 8.883 a 8.902 di 12.257
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