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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Strings and D-branes in a supersymmetric magnetic flux background 1-gen-2007 Iengo, R. +
Stringy cosmic strings and SUSY gauge theories 1-gen-1990 Cecotti, Sergio
The stringy instanton partition function 1-gen-2014 Bonelli, G.Sciarappa, A.Tanzini, A.Vasko, P.
Stringy Instantons at Orbifold Singularities 1-gen-2007 Bertolini, Matteo +
Stripe-domains in nematic elastomers: Old and new 1-gen-2005 De Simone, Antonio +
Stripes and spin incommensurabilities are favored by lattice anisotropies 1-gen-2001 Becca, FedericoSorella, Sandro +
Strong anomalous diffusion of the phase of a chaotic pendulum 1-gen-2015 Mossa, AlessandroRuffo, Stefano +
Strong asymptotics for Cauchy biorthogonal polynomials with application to the Cauchy two-matrix model 1-gen-2013 Bertola, M. +
Strong binary pulsar constraints on lorentz violation in gravity 1-gen-2014 Barausse E +
Strong compactness in Sobolev spaces 1-gen-2018 Zagatti, Sandro
Strong Connections and Chern-Connes Pairing in the Hopf-Galois Theory 1-gen-2001 Dabrowski, Ludwik +
Strong correlation effects on topological quantum phase transitions in three dimensions 1-gen-2016 Amaricci, AdrianoCapone, Massimo +
Strong correlations in a nutshell 1-gen-2007 Ferrero, M.De Leo, L.Fabrizio, M. +
Strong correlations in electron doped phthalocyanine conductors near half filling 1-gen-2004 Tosatti, ErioFabrizio, MicheleSantoro, Giuseppe Ernesto +
Strong correlations, strong coupling, and s-wave superconductivity in hole-doped BaFe2As2 single crystals 1-gen-2016 de' Medici, LucaCapone, Massimo +
Strong Coupling Analysis of D=2 and D=4 Maximally Supersymmetric YM Theories 27-ott-2000 Terna, Stefano
Strong electronic correlation in the hydrogen chain: A variational Monte Carlo study 1-gen-2011 Sorella, Sandro +
The strong gravitational field regime of compact objects beyond General Relativity 27-set-2022 Lara Delgado, Jose Guillermo
Strong lensing by cluster-sized halos in dark energy cosmologies 1-gen-2005 Perrotta, F.Baccigalupi, C. +
Strong lensing efficiency of galaxy clusters in dark energy cosmologies 1-gen-2005 Perrotta, FBaccigalupi, C +
Mostrati risultati da 11.799 a 11.818 di 13.513
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