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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Theoretical Studies on the KcsA Potassium Channel 27-ott-2000 Guidoni, Leonardo
Theoretical study of conductance in stretched monatomic nanowires 1-gen-2003 Tosatti E. +
Theoretical study of cubic versus tetragonal structures of defect zinc-blende semiconductors: CdIn2Se4 1-gen-1989 Baroni, S. +
Theoretical study of the structural, thermodynamic, and electronic properties of a quaternary semiconductor alloy: (Zn, Mg)(S,Se) 24-ott-1997 -
A Theoretical study on the transient morphing of linear poroelastic plates 1-gen-2021 Andrini, D.Lucantonio, A.Noselli, G.
Theories and experiments on discrimination times 1-gen-1964 Shallice, Timothy +
Theory and ab initio simulation of atomic heat transport 19-dic-2014 Marcolongo, Aris
Theory and Numerical Simulation of Heat Transport in Multicomponent Systems 1-gen-2019 Bertossa, R.Grasselli, F.Ercole, L.Baroni, S.
Theory and observations of X-ral pulsars in binary system 1-ott-1988 -
The Theory of a Quantum Noncanonical Field in Curved Spacetimes 1-gen-2009 Liberati, Stefano +
Theory of antibound states in partially filled narrow band systems 1-gen-2008 Becca, Federico +
Theory of band offsets at semiconductor heterojunctions: An ab-initio linear response approach 1-gen-1989 Resta, R.Baroni, S. +
Theory of chiral edge state lasing in a two-dimensional topological system 1-gen-2019 Seclì, MatteoCapone, Massimo +
Theory of electron Localization Function and its Applications: Surfaces, Impurities and Enzymatic Catalysis 29-ott-1999 De Santis, Lorenzo
Theory of fluctuation conductivity from interband pairing in pnictide superconductors 1-gen-2009 Fanfarillo L. +
Theory of gravitation theories: A No-progress report 1-gen-2008 Liberati S. +
Theory of gravitational waves 1-gen-2004 Miller, John
Theory of high energy scattering and multiple production 1-gen-1962 Amati, Daniele +
Theory of hole propagation in one-dimensional insulators and superconductors 1-gen-1998 Sorella, Sandro +
Theory of Neutrinos: A White Paper 1-gen-2007 Petkov, Serguey Todorov +
Mostrati risultati da 12.364 a 12.383 di 13.404
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