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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
turboTDDFT - A code for the simulation of molecular spectra using the Liouville-Lanczos approach to time-dependent density-functional perturbation theory 1-gen-2011 Malcioglu, O. B.Rocca, D.Baroni, S. +
turboTDDFT 2.0 Hybrid functionals and new algorithms within time-dependent density-functional perturbation theory 1-gen-2014 Rocca, DarioBaroni, Stefano +
Turbulence driven by structure formation in the circumgalactic medium 1-gen-2013 Viel, Matteo +
Turbulence in the SuperModel: Mass Reconstruction with Nonthermal Pressure for Abell 1835 1-gen-2013 Lapi, Andrea +
Turbulence kinetic energy transfers in direct numerical simulation of shock-wave–turbulence interaction in a compression/expansion ramp 1-gen-2022 Tonicello, N. +
Turbulent accretion onto massive black holes 1-gen-1979 Reina, C. +
Twenty years of JHEP 1-gen-2017 Amati, DanieleBonora, Loriano
Twenty years of the SISSA Master’s Degree in Science Communication. A case study 1-gen-2014 Ramani, DonatoSaviane, Chiara +
Twin-pred: a method to distinguish monozygotic twins in forensic science application 24-ott-2022 ESPOSITO, GIORGIA
A twist opening model for DNA 1-gen-1999 Ruffo S. +
Twist-field representations of W-algebras, exact conformal blocks and character identities 1-gen-2018 Gavrylenko, P. +
Twist-resilient and robust ferroelectric quantum spin Hall insulators driven by van der Waals interactions 1-gen-2022 Marrazzo, A. +
Twisted and untwisted negativity spectrum of free fermions 1-gen-2019 Ruggiero, PaolaCalabrese, Pasquale +
Twisted constant scalar curvature Kahler metrics and Kahler slope stability 1-gen-2009 Stoppa, Jacopo
Twisted Real Structures in Noncommutative Geometry 10-dic-2021 Magee, Adam Marron
Twisted Reality and the Second-Order Condition 1-gen-2021 Dabrowski, L.Magee, A. M. +
Twisted Reality Condition for Dirac Operators 1-gen-2016 Dabrowski, Ludwik +
Twistorial topological strings and a tt* geometry for N =2 theories in 4d 1-gen-2016 Cecotti, Sergio +
Two dimensional zonoids and Chebyshev measures 1-gen-1997 Bianchini, S. +
Two distinct calcium-calmodulin interactions with N-terminal regions of the olfactory and rod cyclic nucleotide-gated channels characterized by NMR spectroscopy 1-gen-2003 Torre, Vincent +
Mostrati risultati da 12.875 a 12.894 di 13.493
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