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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Word learning in the first year of life 28-feb-2014 Saksida, Amanda
Word reading in damaged connectionist networks: computational and neuropsychological implications 1-gen-1994 Shallice, Timothy +
Word recognition in a phonemic dyslexic patient 1-gen-1975 Shallice, Timothy +
Word-form dyslexia 1-gen-1980 Shallice, Timothy +
Work distribution and edge singularities for generic time-dependent protocols in extended systems 1-gen-2013 Smacchia, PietroSilva, Alessandro
Work statistics, quantum signatures, and enhanced work extraction in quadratic fermionic models 1-gen-2023 Santini, AlessandroSolfanelli, AndreaGherardini, StefanoCollura, Mario
The world of long-range interactions: A bird’s eye view 1-gen-2017 Ruffo, Stefano +
Worldline quantization of field theory, effective actions and L-infinity structure 1-gen-2018 Bonora, L. +
The Worldsheet Corrections to Space-Time Geometries 26-set-2006 Exirifard, Ghasem
X-ray Absorption and Optical Extinction in Interstellar Space 1-gen-1973 Reina, C. +
The X-Ray Background synthesis model and the implications for the Unification Model 1-nov-2001 Pompilio, Fulvio
X-ray Cluster Properties with SPH 1-gen-2004 Valdarnini, Riccardo
X-ray emission of Mkn 421: new clues from its spectral evolution. I. Temporal analysis 1-gen-2000 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
X-ray emission of Mkn 421: new clues from its spectral evolution. II. Spectral analysis and physical constraints 1-gen-2000 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
The X-ray Properties of Blazars 18-ott-1994 -
X-ray resonant inelastic scattering 1-gen-1995 Fabrizio, M. +
X-ray resonant scattering as a direct probe of orbital ordering in transition-metal oxides 1-gen-1998 Fabrizio, Michele +
An X-ray selected sample of radio-loud quasars 1-gen-2001 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
X-ray spectra produced by a hot plasma containing cold clouds 1-gen-2002 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
Mostrati risultati da 13.456 a 13.475 di 13.527
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