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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Whole blood gene expression profiling in preclinical and clinical cattle infected with atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy 1-gen-2016 Xerxa, ElenaBarbisin, MauraKrmac, HelenaVatta, PaoloLegname, Giuseppe +
Whole cell and single channel propereties of a new GABA receptor transiently expressed in the Hippocampus 1-gen-1995 Cherubini, Enrico +
Whole transcriptome analysis in brains from BSE-infected macaques 1-gen-2012 Barbisin, MauraVanni, SilviaLegname, Giuseppe +
Whole-cell recording of intracellular pH with silanized and oiled patch-type single or double-barreled microelectrodes 1-gen-2003 Nistri, A +
Whole-cell recordings and photolysis of caged compounds in olfactory sensory neurons isolated from the mouse 1-gen-2003 Menini, A +
Why anthropic reasoning cannot predict Λ 1-gen-2006 Trotta R +
Why are alkali halide surfaces not wetted by their own melt? 1-gen-2005 Tosatti, E. +
Why the simplest notion of neocortex as an autoassociative memory would not work 1-gen-1992 Treves, Alessandro +
Why to use an articulate vehicle in underground mining operations? 1-gen-1999 Altafini, Claudio
Wicked metrics 1-gen-2019 Baldazzi A.Percacci R.Skrinjar V.
Wiener criteria and energy decay for relaxed Dirichlet problems 1-gen-1986 Dal Maso, Gianni +
The Wiener modulus of a radial measure 1-gen-1989 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Wiener's criterion and Gamma-convergence 1-gen-1987 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Wild quiver gauge theories 1-gen-2012 Bonelli, GiulioTanzini, Alessandro +
Williams–Beuren syndrome TRIM50 encodes an E3 ubiquitin ligase 1-gen-2008 Napolitano, Luisa Maria Rosaria +
The Willmore functional and other L^p curvature functionals in Riemannian manifolds 3-set-2011 Mondino, Andrea
WINGS-SPE II: A catalog of stellar ages and star formation histories, stellar masses and dust extinction values for local clusters galaxies 1-gen-2011 Bressan, A. +
Witnessing the formation and relaxation of dressed quasi-particles in a strongly correlated electron system 1-gen-2014 Amaricci, A.Capone, M. +
WMAP 3-yr data with Correlated Component Analysis: anomalous emission and impact of component separation on the CMB power spectrum 1-gen-2007 Leach, S.Stivoli, F.Baccigalupi, C.De Zotti, G. +
WMAP constraints on varying α and the promise of reionization 1-gen-2004 Trotta R. +
Mostrati risultati da 13.400 a 13.419 di 13.493
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