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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
1 Body plan genes and human malformation 1-gen-1998 Mallamaci A. +
The 10 −3 eV frontier in neutrinoless double beta decay 1-gen-2018 Penedo J. T.Petcov S. T.
The 111 and 129 GeV gamma-ray lines from annihilations in the Milky Way dark matter halo, dark disk and subhalos 1-gen-2013 Ullio, Piero +
1D periodic potentials with gaps vanishing at k=0 1-gen-2009 Michelangeli A. +
1WGA J1216.9+3743: Chandra finds an extremely steep ultraluminous X-ray source 1-gen-2003 Celotti, A. +
1WGA J1226.9 + 3332: A high-redshift cluster discovered by Chandra 1-gen-2001 Celotti A. +
The (1x1)-> hexagonal structural transition on Pt(100) studied by high-energy resolution core level photoemission 1-gen-2007 de Gironcoli, Stefano Maria +
2 x 2 systems of conservation laws with L-infinity data 1-gen-2010 Bianchini, StefanoColombo, R. M. +
2+1 gravity with positive cosmological constant in LQG: a proposal for the physical state 1-gen-2011 Pranzetti D.
2-d stability of the Neel wall 1-gen-2006 DeSimone A. +
2-qubit quantum state transfer in spin chains and cold atoms with weak links 1-gen-2017 Trombettoni, Andrea +
2000 CKM-triangle analysis. A critical review with updated experimental inputs and theoretical parameters 1-gen-2001 +
The 2004 UTfit collaboration report on the status of the unitarity triangle in the standard model. 1-gen-2005 Martinelli, Guido +
The 2021 room-temperature superconductivity roadmap 1-gen-2022 Boeri, LiliaProfeta, GianniRequist, RyanFanfarillo, Laura +
21 cm intensity mapping cross-correlation with galaxy surveys: Current and forecasted cosmological parameters estimation for the SKAO 1-gen-2024 Viel M. +
22Ne and 23Na ejecta from intermediate-mass stars: the impact of the new LUNA rate for 22Ne(p, γ)23Na 1-gen-2017 Bressan, Alessandro +
2D MXene interfaces preserve the basal electrophysiology of targeted neural circuits 1-gen-2022 Xiao, M.Li, X.Pifferi, S.Pastore, B.Liu, Y.Torre, V.Menini, A. +
2′,3′-O-Substituted ATP derivatives as potent antagonists of purinergic P2X3 receptors and potential analgesic agents 1-gen-2017 Marchenkova, AnnaNistri, Andrea +
(3+1) massive Dirac fermions with ultracold atoms in frustrated cubic optical lattices 1-gen-2010 Lepori L.Mussardo G.Trombettoni A.
3-dimensional left-invariant sub-Lorentzian contact structures 1-gen-2016 MEDVEDEV, Alexandr +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 9.848
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